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Monday, March 23, 2009

Foreign Policy Experts

It's become quite clear that the Obamessiah really is just a guy standing in front of a teleprompter, with no clue about governing, foreign policy, etc. As ARC: Brian pointed out in 2008, Obama is Johnny Bravo and was elected simply because he "fit the suit."

After Obama's letter to Jacques Chirac was made public (apparently, Barry doesn't know that the current President of France is Nicolas Sarkozy), Gabriel over at Ace of Spades HQ is keeping a tally of Obama foreign policy missteps:

Making a List:

1. Canada: NAFTA fiasco.
2. Poland: missile shield "misunderstanding".
3. UK: Churchhill bust return.
4. Russia: "overcharge" button.
5. UK: insulting gifts to the Browns.
6. France: not realizing that Chirac has been out of power for two years.
7. Brazil: Misspelling the president's name.
8. Mexico: NAFTA
9. India: Thinking Kashmir is Pah-kee-stan.

Which reminds me... Wasn't Palin ridiculed for not knowing anything about foreign policy?

I would bet that she wouldn't have made nay of the ridiculous errors that Obama has made. (God knows she wouldn't have gotten Gordon Brown some DVDs as a gift - and if she did, they'd work in Region 2!)

This guy is turning our friends into enemies while trying to naively turn avowed enemies (you know, the people who murder US citizens) into friends.

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ARC: St Wendeler