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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pwned!! Obama Called Out

First, the Obamessiah made this idiotic comment (which, if made by George W. Bush or any politician to the right of Marx would be used as evidence of the cruelty of free market capitalism):

After comparing his bowling to the Special Olympics on "The Tonight Show" Thursday, President Obama called Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver to apologize before the program even aired.
Obama used much of his appearance on the comedy show to discuss the economy but sought to get in some light-hearted quips toward the end of the taping.

He said he had been working on his bowling game just below his new residence and recently rolled a 129.

“That’s very good, Mr. President,” cracked host Jay Leno.

"It's like — it was like Special Olympics, or something," the president replied.

Obama’s bowling skills, or lack thereof, have been a running joke since he fared poorly during an impromptu game at a Pennsylvania bowling alley during the Democratic primary last year.

Next, the Special Olympics Champion calls out Obama, saying I own you!
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) - The top bowler for the Special Olympics looks forward to meeting President Barack Obama in an alley.

"He bowled a 129. I bowl a 300. I could beat that score easily," Michigan's Kolan McConiughey told The Associated Press in an interview Friday.

The athletic-minded president made an offhand remark Thursday on "The Tonight Show" comparing his weak bowling to "the Special Olympics or something." He quickly apologized and told the Special Olympics chairman he wants to have some of its athletes visit the White House to bowl or play basketball.

McConiughey, who is mentally disabled, is just the bowler for the job. He's bowled five perfect games since 2005.

The 35-year-old McConiughey has been bowling since he was 8 or 9. His advice for Obama? Practice every day.
I frankly was surprised to hear that Barry had enough time to even play enough to get his score up to 129 - I mean, there is an economic crisis, a Global War on Terror, and filling all of those administration positions... Instead, he's practicing his bowling, joining Jay Leno for a little chit-chat, etc.

And James Carville ridiculously claimed that this week wasn't so bad... They have no clue how stupid they look.

Life is really imitating The Onion.

* For definition of PNWED, go here.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timmy, You're Doing a Helluva Job!

Obama to Tim Geithner: "Timmy, you're doing a helluva job!"

Asked about the performance of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Obama said: "Tim Geithner didn't draft these contracts with AIG. There has never been a Secretary of the Treasury except maybe Alexander Hamilton right after the Revolutionary War who's had to deal with the multiplicity of issues that Secretary Geithner is having to deal with, all at the same time." He followed up by explaining, "He is making all the right moves in terms of playing a bad hand."

Actually, no... Geithner's a disaster. Anyone who either is too stupid to understand the tax system he's supposed to administer or is too ethically challenged to pay taxes he owes to the US government should not be compared to Alexander Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Timmy still has yet to unveil his plan for fixing the banking system and still hasn't put together his staff!

He's such a disaster that the right-wing writers over at Saturday Night Live just had to make fun of him.

Watch more Saturday Night Live videos on AOL Video

Helluva Job, Timmy!!!

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ARC: St Wendeler

New Era of BipartisanshipTM

From Bloomberg comes this story about how the Dems will use a parliamentary procedure to pass legislation that they know would face a filibuster by the minority:

Obama May Use Legislative Ploy to Jam Through Health, Tax Bills
By Brian Faler

March 18 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama may try to push through Congress a health-care overhaul, energy proposals and tax increases by using a partisan tactic that would thwart Republican efforts to block the measures.

The administration and congressional Democrats are debating whether to use a parliamentary procedure called reconciliation to advance some of the biggest items on the president’s agenda. The move would allow Democrats to approve plans to raise taxes by $1 trillion, create a cap-and-trade system to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions, and overhaul health care without a single Republican vote.

“You’re talking about running over the minority, putting them in cement and throwing them into the Chicago River,” said Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican who stepped down last month as Obama’s pick for Commerce secretary. “It takes the minority completely out of the process.”

Reconciliation reduces the number of votes needed to pass legislation in the 100-seat Senate to a simple majority rather than the 60 required to overcome resistance to major bills. The tactic also limits debate to no more than 20 hours and imposes restrictions on amendments.

Senate Democrats have a majority with 58 votes, though Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who is struggling with brain cancer, is frequently absent. Several other Democrats often vote with Republicans.

House Democrats

House Democrats are pushing to use reconciliation because it would help ensure they don’t end up voting for tax increases and other legislation that can be blocked by Senate Republicans.

The new era of bipartisanship, indeed.

(and since when have Democrats been concerned about voting for tax increases?) I thought the point of using the reconciliation was to pass $1 trillion in new taxes???

A comment from ARC: Brian - Wasn't this procedure referred to as the Nuclear Option back when the GOP considered it for judicial appointments that the Dems were blocking?

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ARC: St Wendeler

New Era of Responsibility & AccountabilityTM

From Bloomberg, Chris Dodd takes responsibility for a provision he put into the stimulus bill which insured that AIG execs would get their bonuses (which are now being used as an argument to create a new confiscatory tax rate).

Oh, wait:

Dodd Blames Obama Administration for Bonus Amendment (Update1)
By Ryan J. Donmoyer

March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said the Obama administration asked him to insert a provision in last month’s $787 billion economic- stimulus legislation that had the effect of authorizing American International Group Inc.’s bonuses.

Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, said yesterday he agreed to modify restrictions on executive pay at companies receiving taxpayer assistance to exempt bonuses already agreed upon in contracts. He said he did so without realizing the change would benefit AIG, whose recent $165 million payment to employees has sparked a public furor.

Dodd said he had wanted to limit executive compensation at companies that got money from the government’s financial-rescue fund. AIG has received $173 billion in bailout money. His provision was changed as the stimulus legislation was negotiated between the House and Senate.

“I did not want to make any changes to my original Senate- passed amendment” to the stimulus bill, “but I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave us no indication that this was in any way related to AIG,” Dodd said in a statement released last night. “Let me be clear -- I was completely unaware of these AIG bonuses until I learned of them last week.” He didn’t name the administration officials who made the request.

No Insistence

An administration official said last night that representatives of President Barack Obama didn’t insist on the change, though they did contend that the language in Dodd’s amendment could be legally challenged because it would apply retroactively to bonus agreements. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity.

That provision in the stimulus bill may undercut complaints by congressional Democrats about the AIG bonuses because most of them voted for the legislation. No Republicans in the House and only three in the Senate supported the stimulus measure.
“The fact is that the bill the president signed, which protected the AIG bonuses and others, was written behind closed doors by Democratic leaders of the House and Senate,” Iowa Senator Charles Grassley said in a statement.

These guys are a bunch of clowns!!!

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