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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Doing Our Part to Make the Stimulus Work

I was over at Gateway Pundit's website today (h/t to ARC:Brian) and noticed that our new Governor, Jay "3rd times' a charm" Nixon, has requested people to submit projects that can be funded by the stimulus money.

Yes, I have my own shovel-ready project that I just submitted. Be sure to scroll down to the Project Description - I hope I described it well.

Here's a screen-cap of the submission and the text of my proposal below:

Your Title: Community Organizer
Organization Name: Missourians For Investment In An Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure (or, the M.F.I.I.A.E.F.I.)

Project Information

Project Name: Neighborhood Beautification & Restoration through Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure

Primary Project County: Saint Charles
Primary Project City: O'Fallon

Select the Transform Missouri pillar under which your project falls: Emerging Technology

How does your project fit into the Federal Recovery Program: Energy/Environment

Select the description for your project sponsor from the list below: Not-for-Profit Organization

Please tell us how quickly your project could move forward and how it could impact Missouri's jobs.

Project Status: Shovel Ready
Timeframe to Start: 2 to 4 weeks
Estimated Number of Missouri Jobs created: 5
Estimated Number of Missour Jobs retained: 45

Briefly describe the project below. If you have supporting documents you would like to be included in your file, please check the box below. You will be contacted at the email address you provided if the Transform Missouri staff needs those documents at this time.

Project Description:

My proposed, shovel-ready project is to create a structure that is powered entirely on renewable energy. This would be an example - a beacon - to all future construction in Missouri.

The first aspect of the project involves the enhancement of an existing structure through the installation of highly efficient, state-of-the-art solar electric power modules using a thin-film semiconductor technology combined with several appropriately-sized wind turbines. These two green technologies will feed an underground energy storage facility and a solar-thermal water heater, with any excess energy generation being sent back to the utility grid. In order to maximize the renewable and 100% CO2-free energy, common methods to maximize energy efficiency within the structure will be implemented. Such techniques include improved, environmentally-friendly insulation, installation of low-power LCD displays throughout the structure, etc.

The second aspect of the project is focused on site beautification & natural resource management in order to make the structure appropriate for its intended use. This beautification & resource management aspect includes the planting of a carbon sink comprised of numerous new-growth trees, the establishment of an in-ground water retention system (approximately 50' x 25' x 8' and holding just under 100,000 gallons of natural water!) with a natural managed plant environment surrounding it. In addition to the flora, local terrestrial & aquatic wildlife will be prominently featured as part of a standard natural resource management program.

It is estimated that this project will produce or keep ~50 jobs directly associated with the project and an incalculable number of related jobs. This project could help achieve the President's goal of jump-starting the 21st-century economy through the use of green technology. In addition, the initial costs will be offset through resale of electricity to the grid and through payments from future members of Missourians for Investment in an Environmentally Friendly Infrastructure.

The estimated cost is only $1,000,000. Using the standard economic multiplier effect, this will increase Missouri's GDP by $1.578M in 2009.
I can't wait for the checks to arrive so I can get started on the in-ground pool and solar panel installation!

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler