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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Distractions for the Obama Administration

I wonder how Captain Phillips feels about his plight being labeled "an annoyance and a distraction?"

REFILE-ANALYSIS-Pirates pose annoying distraction for Obama
Thu Apr 9, 2009 7:21pm BST
(Deletes extraneous word, paragraph 10)

* First North Korea, Iran -- now Somali pirates

* Recent U.S. experience with Somalia not good

* Analyst: Pirates are test of U.S. resolve

By Steve Holland

WASHINGTON, April 9 (Reuters) - Ragtag teams of modern-day Blackbeards are posing an annoying distraction for Barack Obama, forcing him to add Somalia to an already long list of foreign policy challenges.
Used to be that "blackbeards" were summarily executed. These days, we want to setup multiparty dialogues with the organizers in order to understand & resolve root causes that make them take such strange actions
American presidents are told to expect the unexpected, and Obama is seeing that this week. First it was a North Korean test of a ballistic missile last weekend. Now comes a swashbuckling high-seas standoff with armed renegades.

Obama so far has sent U.S. Navy ships to protect an American-flagged freighter that managed to repel a pirate attack but whose captain was taken hostage.
Good to know that AFTER you retake your ship from armed pirates, the Navy will swing by to protect you. Reminds me of the police officers in Binghamton who waited outside the government office hours until after the shooting was over before opening the door to see if anyone could use their assistance. How many of the wounded could have been helped?
America's recent experience with Somalia has not been good, making caution a key element of U.S. policy in dealing with the country.
I would say that caution is not isolated to Somalia - it applies to any country that we have "issues" with.
The Obama administration was careful not to give the crisis too much prominence, with delicate negotiations under way to try to secure the captain's release.
Obama, just back from a week-long trip to Europe and a morale-boosting visit to U.S. troops in Iraq, already has a long list of foreign challenges from North Korea to Iran to Afghanistan, and beyond.
I'm sure Captain Phillips is reassured that the US Government doesn't want to give the barbarism he is now suffering "too much prominence.

And it is a shame that so many distractions, from Iran to North Korea to Somali pirates, are diminishing the Obamapalooza Tour.
He declined to comment on the pirate situation for the second day in a row on Thursday.
While he feels free to opine (and act) on how major U.S. companies should be run, it's interesting that when it comes to his actual duties as envisioned in the US Constitution, mum is the word!

President George H.W. Bush, describing it as "God's work," sent U.S. combat troops to the east African nation in late 1992 to lead an international U.N. force to secure the environment for relief operations.
Christ-o-fascist!!! (Why do they feel compelled to put that in there?

"We don't want to go back there," said presidential historian Thomas Alan Schwartz, a professor at Vanderbilt University. "This may be one of those points where Obama is going to have to cash in some of his international chips and get the U.N. to go in there."

"Somebody needs to go into Somalia and govern the place," he said.

ROTFL!!!! The U.N. to go in there?!? Is this guy serious? The UN did a bang up job in Rwanda.

And how did the UN's past efforts in Somalia work out last time? Oh, that's right... Perhaps we could have another book & film about the failure of the US leadership and the international community.
Democratic strategist Doug Schoen, who worked in the Clinton White House, called the crisis "a real test of national resolve" that the Obama White House and opposition Republicans need to work together to deal with.

"It's an annoyance and a distraction," he said. [...]

I also like how Reuters provides us with their editing comments on this story. Apparently it was modified & refiled with additional Analysis (from the first two words in the title). We also are informed that one of the edits was to remove an extraneous word in paragraph 10.

This is journalism that I'm willing to pay for!!!

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