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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Eyewitness in Iraq

My old friend Kip Allen (aka Desert Rat) of Right Face got the jump on me with this one by posting this report from my nephew, Sgt Shawn Wilson via his dad, my brother Mike.

The story is certainly not what you would expect if all you did is follow the MSM.

Here is the post at Rat's site:

Things went into a news blackout for about three weeks as the 10th Mountain
Division, Military Police Company moved to their new location in Kalsu, Iraq.
Current temperature about 85 degrees at high noon and cold enough at night to
enjoy the comfort of a sleeping bag. Shawn cannot send pictures at this point
due to some restrictions. He noted camels as big as dinosaurs coming in colors
ranging from black to white, so he took some shots of them next to a pickup
truck to put them into perspective.

Shawn enjoys solid ground and vegetation as compared to to the sands of
Kuwait; and, Kalsu provides that stability to walk normally up right. His
description of the town of Kalsu is hard to believe. Lots of energetic
reconstruction being done by Iraqis, or emerging Iraqi contractors, that favor
prestressed post tensioned concrete panels. That is good bunker building

The markets are open into the evening mixed with neon lights aglow. This is
Shawn's biggest surprise...people in the streets, running water continuous
electricity and kids are making - make shift American uniforms and are friendly.
They like the solders. No criminal activity on the part of American forces with
very few jihad boys running around Mr. Roger's neighborhood. American
contractors providing excellent food which incidentally can also be found on the
local streets such unbelievable places as as Burger King, Kentucky Fried
Chicken, and even Taco Bell owned by Iraqis'

The local movie theater is not a potential death trap. This indicates a
major victory for the United States and George Bush. This currently unquantified
success is why the American public receives none of this news worthy information
while the minions in press corp. search the Iraqi nation for good old suicide
bomber. They'll find one too under the premise one Robin doesn't make a

The nice day off in Bagdad and the visit to Hussein's wrecked palace as
seen by Shawn Michael Wilson. It is kind of of a museum where you can enter
fully armed and if your are not caring a weapon you will be searched. Gruesome
highlights and a smash and trash policy, are rules of the road when entering.
Within the palace there is one swimming pool that was not filled with water
intentionally. The blood stains are still there as part of the swimming pool
or... lets have a laugh... execution point. "I was surprised they never washed
it out. Maybe the pool is a message,"Shawn said. Shawn and crew made it up to
Sadam's main office sat in a few filthy chairs that remained. Slabs of beautiful
marble lay shattered all over the palace amongst destroyed crystal chandeliers
which made for souvenirs'. After writing their names and other things on the
walls the troopers headed down stairs to entrance center to a web tunnels and

Shawn described one bunker room with a massive whole it caused a Tomahawk
missile. At the time of the explosion fifty of Sadam's officers were watching
the movie Pretty Woman. Yes Bush lied in this case, he told Saddam that he had
forty eight hours to get out of Kuwait or the war would commence, and wouldn't
you know it Bush showed up twenty-four hours early.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: Monterey John

Comments (5)
Anonymous said...

Wireless technology has made the soldier the perfect tool for the Dept of Defense to spread propoganda.

The truth is always the first casualty of war.

Shawn Wilson is proof of guilt.

Desert Rat said...

Anonymous is proof positive of the craven cowardice of progressive fascists. Got the cajones to identify yourself? I thought not.

Anonymous said...

Kip, I applied for a position in the Obama administration. I want the job of "prying the gun from your cold, dead fingers.
We're coming for guns, Kip, and we'll get em.
Consider it punitive damages.

Give my regards to Sandy.

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