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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Goodbye George W. Bush - Good and Faithful Servant

This day can not pass without heartfelt thanks to former President George W. Bush for keeping us safe these last eight years.

You are a good man "W," and I for one will miss you.

Your Co-Conspirator,

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Desert Rat said...

History will be much kinder to George W. Bush than his hateful critics will ever believe.

St Wendeler said...

I'm not so sure... it's not like there are bunch of historians who aren't blinded by Bush hatred.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great column in NRO on W.

49erDweet said...

I took a moment and read VDH's piece, but had already opined earlier that imo BHO is MOST likely to turn out to be GWB lite. [If he isn't, the fearful alternative will be he turns into Jimmuh Cahtuh, Jr.]

I hope GWB enjoys his retirement. He's earned it and he has done a massive job - and taken year's off his lifespan. I'm still not happy with his position on immigration and the economy, so will not be inviting him over for a barbecue or fish fry. But I do appreciate his ethics and stubbornness vis-a-vis Iraq, et al.

Cheers, George.