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Monday, January 19, 2009

Call Me Naive, but President Obama Strikes Me as a Thoroughly Decent Person - Decent but Wrong

Ever since Obama emerged from the pack in Iowa last year, I have liked the man. He has qualities that cannot, in my opinion, be faked. If he is faking those qualities, he is the most amazing actor I have ever seen. He has none of the transparent slickness of the odious Bill Clinton. He is real much like Reagan was real. I do not think we are going to see huge character flaws emerge in this man.

A friend of mine, a severely "progressive" Democrat, says of Obama that he is "all sizzle and no steak." Given Obama's talent for saying nothing wonderfully, my friend has a point. I think the reason for that is that Obama is still feeling his way through what should be done and what can be done to deal with some real problems the country is facing.

And that brings me to my second point, that though he is a decent man, the general outline of his plans for his administration are wrong, not bad or evil, just wrong. They could even be dangerously wrong. Placating our enemies sounds good if it would work, but I do not think it will. Spending trillions of dollars that we do not have to pull the economy out the tank sounds good but will likely only prolong the problems we face in delaying inevitable market corrections and leave us with a totally debased dollar. That and more give me pause for serious concern.

No, Obama is not a sleezoid like Reid, Pelosi or the race hucksters descrcibed in Desert Rat's column cross-posted below. But his New Deal / Appeasement attitudes and plans are wrong for this country, wrong for the world and wrong for all our futures, dangerously wrong. He has the votes in Congress for the most part. He is going to get his way.

So while I hope he is right, and will pray for his success, I am not holding my breath for signs of positive results.

And if, and likely when, he fails, we will be ready to do what is necessary to get on the right track

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn

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Deser Rat said...

John, I fear you're wrong. This "honorable" man associated with terrorists and racists, denied it and then defended it. He pledged to accept public financing, then broke his word. He has virtually no experience or expertise in anything except self-promotion.

Then I look as some of his followers and the cult of personality surrounding him and I become really frightened. We've seen this happen before.