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Friday, December 12, 2008

Saint, Call Your Office - Fine New Blog at "Right Face"

There is some fine new blogging available at Right Face provided by a rarity in this world, a REAL conservative journalist, a graduate of Northwestern of all places, Christopher J.(aka Kip) Allen.

Now for our readers to have access to this good writing, someone needs to wake up Saint, who has control over the bells and whistles here, and get him to add Right Face to our blogroll :)

Call your office, Saint!

Ok, back from Houston. Had to go visit some of our co-conspirators in the petroleum industry... muuuwaahhaaahhaa (<--- Evil laugh that sends moonbats into a panic)

I've added Right Face to the blogroll (which needs to be reviewed & cleaned up). To our readers, we highly recommend you visit Kip Allen's RightFace. From Kip's blog description:

Right Face

I am a life-long conservative alarmed at the direction I see the country taking. I see the modern progressive movement as not so much an evolution of traditional liberalism, but an outgrowth of fascism. I will address this and other issues. Hopefully, there will be some lighthearted moments as well.


Your Co-Conspirator,

Comments (2)
Brian said...

Saint's heading to Houston... He'll be back this weekend though....

Desert Rat said...

Thanks ARC for the blog roll link!