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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One Old Guy's Reaction to the Election - Something to be Proud Of

While I am hugely disappointed in the election results tonight, especially in what I see as the "Eurofication" of this great country, I am immensely pleased, and even proud, to see our first African American president. It says something profound to ourselves and the world. We are free of our past, free at last. It is a wonderful thing.

At the same time, I oppose Barack Obama on almost every issue. I will continue to oppose him and what he stands for. But for tonight, I am proud to be an American.

During this campaign some ugly things were said and implied about those of us who opposed Obama. It was said that if the United States did not elect Obama, that we were a racist country. It was further implied, by a person I thought to be a friend, ironically a Frenchman, that I was a racist for supporting McCain. There are not words to express how angry that made me.

I opposed Obama then for the same reason that I oppose him now, his ideas and his agenda.

But for tonight, lets us celebrate what has happened here. It is the Year of Jubilee, thanks be to God!

And tomorrow the fight begins anew.

Your Co-Conspirator,

Addendum: I am listening to McCain's concession and am pleased beyond words how he so eloquently voiced my feelings. Well done, John McCain. God bless you and keep you.

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desert Rat said...

Just remember that the race for 2012 starts today!

Anonymous said...

I am neither pelased nor proud. If we had elected a different sort of African American as president--such as Michael Steele or even Colin Powell--perhaps. But I work almost exclusively with the sort of people who elected BO today and they are willfully ignorant of anything other than the color of his skin. And they really believe he will be taking care of their mortgages and gas bills.

Desert Rat: The race for control in 2010 begins today because we need to take back control of the House and Senate (as we did in '94) to stifle the stench of BO.

Monterey John said...

Anonymous, such sentiments are understandable but are not becoming of us in defeat. We are Republicans and we have class, unlike the Democrats have shown in their defeats. They won tonight and it remains to be seen whether they have class in victory.

Now, as McCain might say, stand up!

Brian said...

Excellent post Monterey. This should help erase some of the stain of racism in this country.

desert Rat said...

Brian said: This should help erase some of the stain of racism in this country.

Tell it to the folks who voted for Obama because of his race or screamed "racism" at any criticism of him.

Anonymous said...

I didn't drop by to gloat -- only to show you that I've righted the flag. It's time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, to "anonymous"'s point...I've always liked Michael Steele too. Blogged about him twice.