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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Important Aalysis by Sullivan On Election Day

No worries!!!! Andrew Sullivan is still on the case of Sarah Palin's hoo-ha! Writes Sullivan:

04 Nov 2008 12:47 am
We have been given no actual records of the last pregnancy, or any reccords at all, although we are told by the elusive Dr. Catherine Baldwin-Johnson that labor was at 35 weeks - not as premature as previously believed (if you research the average weight of full term DS babies, you find, by the way, that Trig was not underweight). There is no time for any reporters to ask any questions, of course, or any time for the questions raised by the pregnancy to be aired in the press. I doubt Baldwin-Johnson will respond to further queries. Obama gave Palin a precedent for this kind of letter as a replacement for records with his equally secretive and brief doctor's note. But at least he did so well ahead of time, and has no serious questions pending about his own health history.

The timing of the release should also surely be interpreted as a giant finger to the press. Releasing this letter one hour before polling day begins and refusing to provide any actual documentation is not an answer. We need documentation to verify the last pregnancy: the amniocentesis results with Sarah Palin's name on them, for example, would be readily available and easy to disseminate, and would help raise awareness of Down Syndrome. So why not give us something? All we have in this literally last minute letter is Baldwin-Johnson's name. We had that already.

Andrew Sullivan will not be stopped in his quest to figure out whether Trig Palin was actually the baby of Bristol Palin!!!!

BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY... ummmm, actually I have no idea why the HELL he's still digging into this.

He is an absolute tool. I can't believe this guy actually gets paid for this crap.

Perhaps he has some incriminating photos or something...

*** UPDATE ***
I agree with Jeff on this one (NSFW).

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