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Monday, October 20, 2008

Your Daily Joe

A couple of interesting topics about the "Joes" of the world. First, it would seem that the McCain campaign has jumped on the opportunity to point out that Joe the Plumber issue isn't about Joe the Plumber himself, but all of the great Americans who believe in the American Dream and someday hope to strike it big - aka the engines of this economy.

I received this via email from the McCain campaign today:

In that brief exchange, the American people got to see what this campaign is all about ... a choice between honoring the hard work of everyday Americans like "Joe the Plumber" and increasing taxes to "spread the wealth." In these tough economic times, there is no doubt that John McCain and Sarah Palin stand firmly on the side of hardworking "everyday Joes" who understand the value of honest work and the American Dream.

That's why we want to hear from you and share your story with the American public. It's simple ... make an ad telling us why you are "Joe the Plumber" in 30 seconds and your video could end up on the air as a TV ad. Share your story of living the American Dream, working hard, or owning a small business to tell America why you're standing with John McCain and Sarah Palin.
This is something that Brian called for... as we knew Obama and his comrades in the MSM would tear down anyone who had the audacity to question the Obamessiah's, it's important to point out that this isn't about Joe Wurzelbach the individual, but all of the Joes around the country who aspire to be better and earn a better living for themselves, their families, and their employees.

Next up, Byron York at National Review Online has this excellent column about some average Joes that are fed up with the media and Obama's condescending view of voters:
John McCain and an Army of Joes
The real anger at McCain’s rallies.

By Byron York

Woodbridge, Va. — Tito Munoz was ready to rock when John McCain showed here up at the Connaughton Community Plaza in Woodbridge, Virginia Saturday afternoon. Dressed in a yellow hard hat covered with McCain-Palin stickers, wearing an orange high-visibility vest, Munoz carried a hand-lettered sign that said CONSTRUCTION WORKER FOR McCAIN. He got a coveted spot in the bleachers directly behind McCain, where he could be seen in the camera shot along with the guy holding the sign that said PHIL THE BRICK LAYER and the woman with the ROSE THE TEACHER banner. He cheered a lot.
The crowd laughed and cheered. But for them, Joe the Plumber is much more than a zinger in McCain’s stump speech. In recent days, the Joe the Plumber phenomenon has taken on a deeper meaning for McCain’s audiences, for two reasons. First, he is a symbol of their belief that Barack Obama is going to raise their taxes, regardless of what Obama says about hitting up only those taxpayers who make more than $250,000 a year. They know Wurzelbacher doesn’t make that much, and they know they don’t make that much. And they’re not suspicious because they believe that someday they will make $250,000, and thus face higher taxes. No, they just don’t believe Obama right now. If he’s elected, they say, he’ll eventually come looking for taxpayers who make well below a quarter-million dollars, and that will include them.

The second reason Joe the Plumber resonates with the crowds is what his experience says about the media. Everybody here seems acutely aware of the once-over Wurzelbacher received from the press after his chance encounter with Obama was reported, first on Fox News, and then mentioned by McCain at last week’s presidential debate. Wurzelbacher found himself splashed across newspapers and cable shows, many of which reported that he didn’t have a plumber’s license, that he wasn’t a member of the plumbers’ union, that he had a lien against him for $1,182 in state taxes, and that he failed to comprehend what many commentators apparently felt was the indisputable fact that Barack Obama would lower his taxes, not raise them. As the people here in Woodbridge saw it, Joe was a guy who asked Barack Obama an inconvenient question — and for his troubles suddenly found himself under investigation by the media.

In the audience Saturday, there were plenty of people who were mad about it. There was real anger at this rally, but it wasn’t, as some erroneous press reports from other McCain rallies have suggested, aimed at Obama. It was aimed at the press. And that’s where Tito Munoz came in.
The scene turned into a mini-fracas when David Corn, of Mother Jones, defended press coverage. Munoz was having none of it. Why, he asked, would the press whack Joe the Plumber when it didn’t want to report on Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, the former Weather Underground bomber? “How come that’s not in the news all the time?” Munoz said. “How come Joe the Plumber is every second? I’m talking about NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN.”A black woman with a strong Caribbean accent jumped in the fray. “Tell me,” she said to Corn, “why is it you can go and find out about Joe the Plumber’s tax lien and when he divorced his wife and you can’t tell me when Barack Obama met with William Ayers? Why? Why could you not tell us that? Joe the Plumber is me!”

I am Joe the Plumber!” Munoz chimed in. “You’re attacking me.”

“Wait a second,” Corn said. “Do you pay your taxes?”

“Yes, I pay my taxes,” the woman said.

“Then you’re better than Joe the Plumber,” Corn said.

That set off a general free-for-all. “I’m going to tell you something,” Munoz yelled at Corn. “I’m better than Obama. Why? Because I’m not associated with terrorists!”

And so it went. I walked away for a few minutes to strike up a conversation with the woman who had jumped into the debate. Her name was Connie, and she said she had been born and raised in Antigua, in the West Indies. “I immigrated to the United States over 20 years ago,” she told me. “It’s my home. America has become my home. I came here freely of my own free will because I loved it, and I loved what it had to offer, and I don’t want to see it ruined.”

I asked her whether it was difficult, as a black person, to support McCain at a time when probably 90 to 95 percent of black voters support Obama. “I have always been a conservative,” she told me. “I’m mad. I was extremely upset to see the way the media went after Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber. . . . To see the drive-by media and the Obama campaign attack two ordinary Americans simply because one of them managed to get Barack Obama to tell the truth, it was shameful and disgraceful.”

Meanwhile, the great debate was continuing, with Tito the Construction Worker and David the Journalist trading points. Much of it wasn’t terribly informative, but there was one lovely moment when a shouting match turned into a lesson on the fundamental meaning of American constitutional rights — and the immigrant was the teacher.

“Let me talk,” Munoz said to Corn. “I know the Constitution, and I know my First Amendment — ”

“I’m not the state,” Corn said. “I can’t take that right away from you.”

“No, no,” Munoz shot back. “Even the state, the state cannot take that right away.”

“Right, right,” Corn quickly agreed.

“Nobody can take that away,” Munoz said.

And indeed they can’t.
And the last little Joe the Plumber tidbit comes from this hilarious post over at the Brutally Honest blog:
The lowdown on Joe the plumber

As many of you know, Joe the plumber has become an appendage of the McCain campaign, wailing away at Barack Obama like a kid on a piƱata. In fact, since Joe's arrival on the political scene, McCain has seen his poll numbers rise.

Thankfully, the media is investigating this phenom and the more we learn about Joe the plumber, the less credible he's becoming. Discrediting items our friends in the press have revealed thus far include the following tid-bits:
  • His membership in a radically racist church for more than 20 years, a membership he's since renounced.
  • His friendship with that church's racist pastor, a friendship that inspired Joe to write a book called "The Audacity of Pipe (Cutters)".
  • His first home was funded in part by a friend currently under federal indictment for an illegal kickback scheme.
  • His girlfriend had a pretty radical history and has only recently revealed her pride in America now that Joe is a celebrity. Sources also reveal that her senior year thesis is racially tinged and rooted in identity politics.
  • Persistent rumors detail his relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, a person whose backed up toilet launched Joe's plumbing career.
  • He has a 'lost' brother who lives in a shack in West Virginia that lacks indoor plumbing.
  • His ties to the fraudulent and scandal ridden Association of Plumbing Organizations for Reform Now (APORN).
  • He raised plumbing fees 94 times in the last two years.
This is but a small part of why Joe the plumber should be dismissed out of hand and why John McCain's embrace of the man should disqualify him from being the next President of the United Sates.
If the media provided 10% of the coverage and investigation of Barry "The One" Obama that they have of Sarah "Breeder" Palin and Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbach, this election wouldn't even be close.

Evan Thomas previously pegged bias from the news media as a 15 point advantage in 2004 and I think the media, disappointed in their poor showing back then, is making up for it twofold.

Your Co-Conspirator,
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