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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Debate

Jeff Goldstein over at Protein Wisdom provides this excellent advice to the McCain campaign:

“CBS/NYT: Obama 53, McCain 39″
Which is to say, whether the polls are believable or not — whether media bias or a sudden uptick in ostentatious civility is responsible for the numbers – shouldn’t matter one whit.

What matters is defining Barack Obama. And McCain best realize that if he’s to have any chance whatever, he needs to continue to pound away at Obama’s political and ideological lineage and make the case to voters that the man who’s been speaking to them in pleasing bromides has, for his entire political life, been involved with organizations and causes that have very clear plans of action — and that those plans often involve redistribution of wealth, funding for “social justice,” and gaming the system to destroy it from within. He needs to make clear that, if Team Obama and the media wish to spin these facts as “smears,” then they’ve effectively insulated the Illinois Senator from any criticism, given that he has very little record to run on.

And Team McCain should get past their concerns that Americans “won’t understand” a complicated narrative. It’s quite possible that they might not — but that’s no excuse not to lay it out anyway. After all, nothing the McCain camp has done thus far, including playing at collegiality, has worked, nor will it: McCain may just now be waking the fact that the press has long used him as an easy mark.

In short, “Maverick” (gag) needs to flesh out Barack Obama — not because it might win him the election, but rather because we as a country deserve to be told what the press has worked so hard to cover up, rationalize away, and excuse. He needs to go negative like a fucking viking.

Then if we go ahead and vote a socialist into office, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The comment regarding the poll is very appropriate, given that information about Obama's stances on the issues, his radical roots, and the implausibility of his policy prescriptions given the current state of the economy have not been covered in any great substance by the MSM.

Have any of the great social issues been discussed in the debates? Justices? Abortion? Gay Rights? 2nd Amendment? 1st Amendment?

This is most likely explained by the fact that the MSM, to the extent that it can, is insulating Obama on issues that it knows do not play in the heartland the battleground states.

And, as Jeff points out, if the MSM is unwilling to bring up the issues and provide voters with sufficient information about who Obama is and what he stands for (other than Hope, Change, and a Tax Cut for 95% of AmericansTM), McCain has not only the opportunity, but the duty as a candidate for the presidency to inform the voters.

Unfortunately, I don't have high expectations for tonight... McCain's debate performances in the primaries were always underwhelming. But, if he's going to change the trajectory of this campaign, tonight is the night and at least he knows that.

Me? I'll be nursing some expensive Scotch tonight... recognizing that the days of cheap scotch on the dirty linoleum floor are not that far in the future.

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