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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell on Obama - A Recent Decision???

Powell characterized his decision to endorse Barry Obama as something that he arrived at after careful consideration, especially after the performance of Obama over the past few weeks during the economic crisis. (What Barry's performance was in regard to the crisis, I could't guess - it seemed like he spent more time calling McCain erratic than he did laying out policy prescriptions.)

Not 5 minutes after endorsing Obama and making the claim that it was something he decided a few days ago, Brokaw asked him if the decision was based on race. Powell responds that if that was the case, he could've made the decision 6-10 months ago and then said that he made the decision one or two months ago.

WHICH IS IT?!?! I have a feeling that Powell was more candid in his response to the second question.

That Brokaw didn't catch this discrepancy is not surprising.

*** UPDATE ***
It would seem that Powell was being truthful when he said that he made the decision one or two months ago, about the time that Bill Kristol reported that Powell would endorse Obama.

BTW, our opinion on Colin Powell can be seen throughout our posts about Fitzmas (the Plame/Wilson/Scooter kerfluffle which turned out to be complete bull.) As followers of the issue would know, it was someone on Colin Powell's staff that blew Plame's covert cover. That he didn't notify the authorities or the President of this breech and allowed the partisan prosecution to continue provides some measure of his true character.

*** UPDATE ***
Powell describes the Obama-Ayers relationship as "Casual" and immaterial. That's incorrect as there apparently was a very close relationship between the two which cannot be characterized as casual. (I don't think any of my casual relationships have endorsed any of my books, shared an office with me, selected me to disburse funds to radical, left-wing organizations like ACORN, etc.)... and the point is that the philosophy espoused by Ayers, Obama's pastor, his political mentors, etc are all consistent in their left-wing, anti-American, socialist views.

And, let's get to the specifics of an Obama administration. Most intelligent people would recognize that Obama is the most left-wing member of the Senate and has a history of pushing for Left wing policies. Not for nothing was Hillary!TM seen as the conservative Democrat in the primaries.

That nominal conservatives would endorse the most left wing candidate in the history of our Republic is amazing. Perhaps the Obamessiah "sent a thrill up Powell's leg" during his acceptance speech in Denver.

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