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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama needs to get back to community agitating organizing

It would seem that Barry's formative experience as a community agitator organizer needs to be put to use again in Chicago.

The US Post Office has stopped delivery to Harvey, IL - located in the same region of Chicago that Barry was so influential in. If your community sucks (ie, your toilets are backed up, you've got asbestos in your building (thanks to slum lord developers taking money from the Federal government), and the "youths" have run amock, it's time to call a community organizer, right? I mean, you don't call a plumber, you don't get a real builder who follows code, you don't call the police. You call in your local socialist community organizer to do the job.

From CBS News in Chicago:

Most Dangerous Block In U.S.? Mail Delivery Halted
Post Office Requests Police Escort After Violence Stops Service For Two Weeks
Dana Kozlov
HARVEY, Ill. (CBS) ― Dozens of mailboxes remain empty after the post office suspends service in one south suburban neighborhood. Some people get angry when their mail is late. But in Harvey, people have been waiting for days and days. They're not getting any mail at all. CBS 2's Dana Kozlov reports that one mail carrier in Harvey feels threatened.

The U.S. Post Office seems to think that this is one of the most dangerous blocks in the country. People who live on it say they haven't gotten any mail delivered to their homes in almost two weeks.

Venus Jones is one of them.

"Between robberies and shootings and delayed police response, several things going on, that would make it unsafe," said Harvey resident Venus Jones.

One of those shootings on the morning of October 10th reportedly happened yards away from the mail carrier. That's when the mail stopped on Marshfield between 151st and 152nd streets, but the post office didn't tell anyone.

"Some of the people didn't even know that it was being held at the post office," Jones said.

Now Jones, who says her own home has been broken into three times in 30 days is talking to her neighbors about the mail problem and what should happen next.

Jones says someone from the post office told her they were going to put a cluster box for mail at the corner of 152nd and Marshfield. But she says that's not a good idea.

"We have a lot of elderly people, a lot of older people that's working, and for us to have to go to that corner to pick up our mail, that's unsafe for us," Jones said.

But Harvey spokesperson Sandra Alvarado says just today the postal service requested a police officer meet a mail carrier tomorrow. But lots of residents say the bigger issue here is a lax police department.

"It's something that we will look into. We take every complaint very seriously," Alvarado said. "We want to make sure that our residents feel safe."

I can't wait until we get similar results nationwide... WOOOOT!!!

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