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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eli at Firedoglake - Sit Down and Accept Your Fate, Peasant!!!

Joe Wurzelbach should've never dared to ask a question of the Obamessiah. Eli over at Firedoglake provides this wonderful insight into the mind of the moonbats regarding the serfs on the plantation - get used to it and accept your fate:

It's not that Not-Joe The Not-Plumber isn't making $250,000 a year, it's that he thinks he will be, and he doesn't want those damn socialist commie "spread-the-wealth" liberals taking his Rich Big Shot future self's hard-imagined money away.

Not-Joe is the archetype for millions of other middle-class, blue-collar and low-income Republicans out there harboring the Ralph Kramden dream that they're one big score away from the big time, or even that they're already there. They're all voting their aspirations, not their situations, and they want keep their future money.

The cold hard truth is that most of us never get that big score, unless we're well-connected, crooked, exceptional, or just plain lucky, but that's not exactly a winning political message. [...]

And Obama will take his experience in Chicago politics and make sure that you don't have to be well-connected, crooked, or just plain lucky to succeed in life...

what's that?

Chicago doesn't work that way?

You mean it's a rotten, corrupt, political machine there, where community organizers are needed to make sure people's toilets actually work?

If only Obama had met Joe back when he was a community organizer, perhaps those poor folks would've been able to flush their toilets!

One of my favorite books is called the Road to Serfdom and I'd recommend it to any progressive moonbat nutjobs out there, although I know you don't like big words - here's the wiki entry, but that's cheating.

We're definitely on the Road and unfortunately don't happen to see any exit signs.

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ARC: St Wendeler