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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Card Check under the ObamaMessiah

One of the expected pieces of legislation that Obama is expected to sign into law is the Employee Free Choice Act (which is the biggest misnomer in Congressional history!). Peter Kirsanow mentions it in a Corner item today:

Employee Free Choice Act and Joe the Plumber [Peter Kirsanow]

Proponents of the Employee Free Choice Act ("EFCA") maintain that card check unionization will protect employees from the alleged employer coercion and intimidation that accompanies secret ballot election campaigns. This, say proponents, is why card check better protects an employee's free choice than the present system of secret ballot elections supervised by the National Labor Relation Board.
Peter then extrapolates a hypothetical card check organizing drive:

The Union targets Joe's employer for unionization. There are 100 employees in the proposed bargaining unit, so under EFCA the union only needs to convince 51 of them to sign authorization cards for the union to be certified as the collective bargaining representative for all 100.


Let's review: Joe had no choice in being represented by the union. He had no choice in paying union dues. He had no choice in accepting the arbitrator's order that might lead to his lay-off.

Joe concludes that the correct title is the Employee No Choice Act.
Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't even take 51 cards. It would likely only take about 25. After 35, you could get 10 more by further organization of the ones that signed:

Union Boss: Hey Bill, do you know anybody else in the company that would sign? Say, aren't you playing softball with Joe this weekend? Why don't you talk to him about signing the card in the bar after the game. Tell him you've signed already!

The remaining 55 would be all of a sudden be on the hot seat. You only need 6 out of the 55 to "come on board". And as anybody that has watched Congress, will know, the "gang of 6" will be easy enough to find.

In addition, because its just a roving card signing, you can just keep asking people to sign until they give in. Every time they increase their numbers it will be harder to resist.

Not to mention the potential for graft and corruption. The magical 51st worker might find a sweetheart deal on a new bass boat.

Right out of college I worked for a company that underwent a unionization drive. I have not found a more destructive force on a workplace. I'd hate to imagine it without the anonymity of the secret ballot.

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