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Friday, October 10, 2008

Acorn Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Excellent ad by the McCain campaign.... McCain needs to continue hammering Obama's associations with radical left-wing activists, anti-American preachers, corrupt Chicago politicians, etc.

Gateway Pundit has a great post on the topic as well.

While he hits Obama over the head with the facts about his radicalism, McCain needs to give some straight talk to the American people and do the following:

  1. tie the economic crisis to the Democrats and their desire to keep Fannie & Freddie from standard regulation. Bill Clinton's words should be included in any ad with this focus.
  2. McCain should make the case the crisis wasn't caused by the under-regulation of private enterprise; it was caused by government intervention, pushing private enterprises to take action that they would be unwilling to take if they would be responsible for the risks involved. That the risks were then passed back to the Feds (in the form of Fannie & Freddie) was the design of the GSEs.
  3. Give some straight talk to the American people that the days of the no-money-down, state-your-income mortgages are over. The American dream is there for everyone - but it takes old-fashioned, American hard-work. In a McCain administration, spouses, relatives, and boyfriends of Washington pols won't have the cushy jobs of sitting on boards of pseudo-government entities, using their influence to brush aside any regulation or criticism.

All of this can be tied to McCain's reform message... We need reform in Washington, where politicians turned a blind eye to the increasing risk at Fannie & Freddie, all for campaign contributions and sweetheart deals on personal mortgages.

Obama isn't change.

He's the perfect embodiment of the 21st century "Aristocracy of Pull" and graft - the politician that will twist the knife in your back well he's whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

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