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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rove on Pelosi's Idiocy

h/T to Johnny Dollar's Place and HotAir

Karl Rove provides excellent analysis of the vote today, including the fact that many of the committee chairs that owe their positions to Pelosi & company, but were told by the Dem leadership that they could vote 'No' on the bill.

While Barney Frank is complaining about the GOP voting 'No' because their feelings were hurt, Barney could've gotten one of his subcommittee members to vote yes.

Apparently the Dems are looking to use this issue against the GOP in the Fall. It would seem that for the Dems, political

I think that some sort of support is required to keep the whole house of cards from going down, but I'm not sure if this is the right bill.... More than anything, I fear what this vote will do to make the bill worse, as Pelosi & company spend rosh hashanah loading the bill up with leftist perks in order to woo the communist wing of the Democratic party.

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Jason said...

"Pelosi & company spend rosh hashanah loading the bill up with leftist perks" It that becomes the case, President Bush has an obligation to veto it.

However, the very concept of the plan is a disaster from the beginning. Government propping up prices is never a good idea. If you believe the Treasury needs to buy $700B in assets to keep financial markets working, you don't believe in capitalism.

St Wendeler said...

Part of me says let it all burn down and I'll go find my Gulch...

The other part of me says that that's not realistic and the consequences would be dire. Of course, if we had real leadership (a less whiny version of Ron Paul, for example), they'd be slashing the federal budget, eliminating the very government involvement which caused this problem, and returning to first principles.

I won't hold my breath, however.

As I pointed out back when McCain was nominated, the GOP is promoting a guy who won the last battle... the Surge is great & all, but the country needed someone to fix a broken Washington and knew something about economics.

I think most of the other candidates would've cleaned Obama's clock with his ties to Fannie / Freddie... not through ads, but through the debates and on the stump.