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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The One or Dear Leader?

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Check out this video of Obamessiah worshiping children:

*** UPDATE ***
It would seem that the Obama campaign is embarrassed by this video and are pulling it from YouTube. I've updated with this version which includes footage of nazi children singing the praises of Der Fuehrer; it's what I could find.

*** UPDATE 2 ***
I've relinked to the original video which someone had grabbed and re-posted on youtube. After watching it again, I've got some additional thoughts.

The video looks to me more like a Sunday school play singing the praises of God or Jesus. If you don't have God, I suppose something has to fill that void. And some 2 bit Junior Senator from corrupt Chicago will just have to do.

Would any politician on the right engender such feelings? Feelings that would motivate parents to write music of praise and enlist our children to sing? McCain? umm, no. Romney - nah? W? LOL. Reagan? Not even Reagan.

But, for the Left, He is their Savior. Which is sad. (How will the parents explain to their children that the Obamessiah had to break his promise... that he couldn't deliver the utopia that he promised. That he couldn't "re-arrange" everything? That he is just a man... a man who can play the teleprompter so well that people get tingles up their legs.

So sad... Here are the lyrics:

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Now's the moment, lift each voice to sing
Sing with all your heart!
For our children, for our families,
Nations all joined as one.
Sing for joy and sing abundant peace,
Courage, justice, hope!
Sing together, hold each precious hand,
Lifting each other up;
Sing for vision, sing for unity,
Lifting our hearts to Sing!

Music and lyrics by Kathy Sawada

Yes we can
Lift each other up
In peace, in love, in hope
Change! Change!

It reminds me of some other creepy footage of children singing the praises of their Dear Leader:

Add to this the Maoist/Che/Stalinist visages of The One that you see everywhere and it gets pretty frightening.

Just saying...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (11)
Anonymous said...

Obama's not that bad. It's not like he has his own flag (oops, he does in that first video). Well, it's not like he has his own presidential seal (Oh wait, he did, but he stopped using it). It's not like he has his own gold coins with his image on them (Oh, wait, yes does).

Uh oh . . .

Anonymous said...

And its not like he wrote his own book detailing his radical past or plans...(Oh, wait, he did.)

The Monster said...

But at least he didn't give a rousing speech to a huge crowd in Berlin.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least he never proclaimed that his ascension would heal the planet and make the rising waters recede.

Oh, man.

Cosmo said...

anonymous, monster:

Brilliant thread!


An Average American said...

Wow, anonymous and the monster your comments are a hoot! I'm glad to find a cynical, humorous, silver lining to this disturbing post.

Rocker 419 said...

Typical California propaganda, using children for an adult election. God help these children who are in the hands of these teachers in Venice, California. They should be ashamed.

Gekkobear said...

Now quit putting Obama down; look at all the good he's done.

He um... well look at his job as a community organizer... that community is now... oh, we don't talk about that.

But then as a Law Prof he gave lectures. that must have changed something.

But he was a state legislator for Chicago; surely it shows the stamp of his handiwork? Unchanged you say?

Fine, but now as a Senator leading a committee he has... never called the committee into session?

Hmm, he must have written and promoted some amazing bills for all these people to be so in wonder over his skills.

Like um, er, uh... um. Hmm.

Well, at least he looks pretty, and he is eloquent. Like a news reporter reading the teleprompter.

That's surely good enough to be President, isn't it?

I'm still looking for things that "got done" due to Obama's influence. I'll be back as soon as I find one.

Monterey John said...

The first unit in The Obama Youth.

This is way beyond creepy.

Anonymous said...

This is the preview for things to come if Obama is elected.

It also higlights a major aspect of this election. It is not fact driven. It’s not that facts don’t matter. It’s that people who need to hear then the most (those who still don’t know how far-left Obama really is) don’t get these facts from the media. They don’t go to the blogs like this, they don’t read long data rich threads, they don’t watch scary YouTube kids-singing videos. We keep going down in polls because people listen to the huge propaganda machine–and take that BS at face value. What we need is an arsenal of conversation changers. These attention grabbers that make an impact in 5 sec. And THEN those whose opinions still can be changed may start reading more. Obama’s side if excellent in this. They have pros working around the clock on all sorts of visuals that go straight to the emotions level, bypassing the logic. Just take a look at this site to know what I’m talking about.

Can you name a single memorable anti-Obama poster that speaks to the center-leaning Democratic voter? I can’t. And to expose who Obama really is we need some of that. With my new blog and Facebook page I’ve started a new repository to fill this gap and hope it will take off and will be used. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

- Jeff Tyler

Singing Lessons Dude said...

Love the thread. Bring on more Obama bashing singing! He deserves all the praise he can get!!! NOT!!!