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Friday, September 19, 2008

Obamessiah Talks About Jobs...

Like "Paying Your Bills, Buying Groceries, Making Dinner, Doing the laundry," etc, etc.

I wanted to highlight this video showing Obama being protested by African-Americans against Barry for two reasons:

  1. Obama can get knocked completely off his game when he's not at the teleprompter. Notice how people are yelling and he tries to keep talking through the speech... this isn't effective and shows that he's not as talented as many think he is. Perhaps the network news guys love Obama because he can read a prompter just as well as he can; but they also know that when the prompter dies or when they are distracted by something, they look like idiots
  2. More laughably, Obama talks about how hard Americans work, using the same old tired stories about people working longer hours, working 5 jobs each day, and getting paid less for all of those efforts. But then Barry goes on to begin discussing the "other jobs" that people do each day, like cleaning their house, paying their bills, etc, etc. I'm sorry, but household chores in the modern era have never been easier and is Barry going to alleviate these daily tasks for us? Or is he merely "feeling our pain" and trying to connect? I wonder how many chores Barry does around his house in Chicago (purchased with the help of his buddy, Tony Rezko).

    Perhaps these are those that Jobs Americans Won't DoTM?

And after the protesters are escorted out, what does The Obamessiah say? "Let's get back to work!" and the crowd cheers.

Of course, reading a teleprompter isn't exactly "work" to most people... it's called reading. It's interesting that Barry chose that phrase when he just finished talking about how much work people have to do to "just get by."

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