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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Political Dunce

Jake Tapper carries water for Obama, saying that McCain is making a scurrilous and unfair attack against the junior Senator.

From Jake's Political Punch:

Today's new McCain ad -- "Tiny," which you can watch HERE -- crosses a new line into dishonesty, however, beyond whether or not it's actually airing anywhere.

The script reads; "Iran. Radical Islamic government. Known sponsors of terrorism. Developing nuclear capabilities to 'generate power' but threatening to eliminate Israel.

"Obama says Iran is a 'tiny' country, 'doesn't pose a serious threat,'" the ad continues. "Terrorism, destroying Israel, those aren't 'serious threats'? Obama -- dangerously unprepared to be president."

This is a dishonest representation of Obama's words.
Is that so? Can you provide the text of Obama's speech where he said that Iran was a serious threat?

You will? Really?
On May 18, on Pendelton, Oregon, Obama said that "strong countries and strong Presidents talk to their adversaries. That's what Kennedy did with Khrushchev. That's what Reagan did with Gorbachev. That's what Nixon did with Mao. I mean think about it. Iran, Cuba, Venezuela -- these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us. And yet we were willing to talk to the Soviet Union at the time when they were saying, 'We're going to wipe you off the planet.'
That is not even close to Obama saying Iran is a "tiny" country that "doesn't pose a serious threat."

Not even close? He did say that Iran was a tiny country (compared to the USSR, which by default, all countries are tiny compared to the former commie empire that was the USSR).

He also said that Iran doesn't pose a serious threat to us the way the USSR did. (While the Soviets certainly had a larger conventional and nuclear military force, they were rational actors who could be deterred through our policy of Mutually Assured Destruction or MAD). The reason that Iran is a more serious threat is because, while their conventional and nuclear forces are numerically smaller in comparison, their leadership could not be described as rational actors who could be deterred through MAD - what with all the 12th Imam boojah-boojah and hosannas to martyrdom that they're throwing around each week.

This is important and not too fine a distinction. Obama's belief that Iran is not as serious threat as the former USSR is naive and it's a legitimate attack for McCain.

I don't think McCain's attack could be described as "not even close" to the truth. When it comes to Fact Checking, we all know where Jake "The Tap" Tapper will come down.

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