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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obamessiah on Obamessiah's Weak Resume

Excellent new web-video from McCain, in which he uses Obama's own words to underscore how unprepared he is for the Presidency.

In Joe Biden's speech last night, when he laid out the case for why Barry Hussein Obama should be President, you'll note that it was rather short and shallow.

I believe the measure of a man is not the road he travels, but the choices he makes along that road.

And, ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama could have done anything after he graduated from college. With all his talent and promise, he could have written his own ticket to Wall Street. But what did he choose to do?

He chose to go to Chicago, the South Side of Chicago. There, there, in the South Side, he met women and men who had lost their jobs. Their neighborhood was devastated when the local steel plant closed. Their dreams had to be deferred; their self-esteem was gone. And, ladies and gentlemen, he made their lives the work of his life.

That's what you do when you're raised by a single mom who worked, went to school, and raised two kids on her own. That's how you come to believe to the very core of your being that work is more than a paycheck. It's dignity. It's respect.


It's about whether or not you can look your child in the eye and say, "We're going to be all right."

Because Barack Obama -- because Barack Obama made that choice, 150 more children and parents have health care in Illinois. He fought to make that happen.

And because Barack Obama made that choice, working families in Illinois pay less taxes and more people have moved from welfare to the dignity of work. And he got it done.

And when he came to Washington, when he came to Washington, John and I watched with amazement how he hit the ground running, leading the fight to pass the most sweeping ethics reform in a generation.

He reached across party lines to pass a law that helped keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists.


And then he moved Congress and the president to give our wonderful wounded warriors the care and dignity they deserve.


You know, you can learn a lot about a man campaigning with him, debating him, seeing how he reacts under pressure. You learn about the strength of his mind. But even more importantly, you learn about the quality of his heart.

In summary, here are Obama's qualifications as described by his #2:
  1. Obama was drawn to Alinsky's model of becoming a street agitator instead of seeking a regular income - although it worked out for him financially in the end, what with all of the Chicago political connections he made.
  2. 150 children now have healthcare thanks to the taxpayers of Illinois Barry Obama.
  3. Barry Obama was associated with a Republican-sponsored Welfare Reform bill in the Illinois State Senate
  4. He hit the ground running and was involved in an ethics reform package for Congress - that really made a huge impact. And is this the one that he wasn't even a co-sponsor of and voted against? Or the one sponsored by John McCain? Or the one he was co-sponsor of, drafted by Feingold, which never passed the Senate? Or perhaps it's the Ethics Reform bill that he proposed in September of 2007 which has yet to see the light of day in the US Senate? What an accomplishment!
  5. A nuclear non-proliferation law. One accomplishment for Obama!!! Oh, wait... that was Richard Lugar's bill, which Obama and 25 other Senators were co-sponsors on. (by the way, 17 of the 26 co-sponsors were Republicans.)

This is the guy who's got the requisite experience to lead a nation of 300 million people and a $14 trillion economy? A guy who's major accomplishments consist of getting asbestos out of an inner-city housing project, schmoozing corrupt Chicago politicians, giving a speech in 2004, and co-sponsoring a few bills in the US Senate????

Seriously???? Surely the Democrats have to be waking up to the reality that they've nominated a slick lightweight. Sure, he wined, dined, and bedded them during the primaries; but it's Sunday morning and the Democratic Party is probably starting to recognize that they have a hangover and have joined themselves to a guy who's can't provide for them.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Caleb said...

I was downtown Chicago last weekend and I glanced over at a car in the parking garage and noticed an Obama bumper sticker. Not that strange of a sight in Chicago, however I hadn't seen this style of sticker before and on closer inspection I realized that it was an Obama for U.S. Senate sticker! I guess since its only been a few years since that election so why bother to take off the sticker?

Keep on blogging. Good stuff here.