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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just When You Think the Freaks at Daily Kos Can't Get Any Worse

Thanks to the good folks at LGF for this gem from the whackjobs at Daily Kos.

Daily Kos: 'If God Can Give Robert Novak a Brain Tomour then Why Cant He Give All of Them One'
Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 6:14:29 pm PDT


You think you’ve seen the most hateful, illiterate garbage possible from the Kos Kids, and then they post something like this: Daily Kos: If all rightwing pundits had one neck, I’d hack it though.

This will be about mostly right wingnut pundits. It will have profanity, Ideas/images that will upset you. Bad spelling, horrible gammer, disgusting punctuation. So if the F word shivers your timbers, or a misplaced semi-colon is like fingernails along a blackboard. Then I suggest you move on to another blog. Cavet Empty

If god can give Robert Novak a brain tomour then why cant he give all of them one. I’m sure they annoy the f*ck out of him. I’ve heard that novak is called the prince of darkness. Hes just an vile slimey crumudgeon. Prince of Darkness? Too flattering by a long shot. But hes got his now and is out of the picture. Good riddence. A question? If your a liberal/democrat asked to appear on fox news. Dosnt that make you a lame by definition? Its like the old saying. If your in a poker game and you dont spot the sucker in the frist 30 minutes, you are the sucker. I dont understand why anyone(liberal/democrat) would agree to go on that channel.You would just be used as a punching bag. If you’ve actually watched Hannity and Doormat you know what I mean. I used to listen to a lot or wingnut radio, but it gets boring after a while. If your not one of the converted being preached at is just annoying. No dissenting voices are allowed. Anyone who makes a valid point is accused of being a seminar caller. Like I need to go to class to refute thier bullsh*t. Was there ever such a thing as a right wing radio seminar? Wingnut radio is only successful because they give it away. If I’m the general manager for a radio station, why would I hire local talent, who needs to be paid in actual dollars with benifits ect. when I can get the syndicated wingnut by giving up a few minuets of time each hour for them to sell ads. Air america failed beacuse they didnt give away there programming. Of course I could be wrong. And I was certinatly ready to listen. They had great talent; Randi Roades case in point.

With a “poll” that asks the question, “which right wing f*ckstick should get the next brain tomour?”

Rush“lock the medicene cabniet when I visit” Limbaugh - 5% - 1 votes

Laura“bitter closeted carpet muncher” Ingrahm - 0% - 0 votes

Sean“fredo corleone” Hannity - 11% - 2 votes

Bill “I’ll get fox news security to f*ck you up” O’Rielley - 5% - 1 votes

Mike“I was drunk when I sucked Allen Gingsbergs c*ck so Im not queer”savage - 11% - 2 votes

Dennis“my moral compass is jammed up my ass” Prager - 0% - 0 votes

Mike“the thunderbolt missed me and hit my wife”Gallagher - 0% - 0 votes

Mark“how many conservative jews is too many on the radio”Levin - 0% - 0 votes

Mike“draft dodger chicken hawk” Medvid - 0% - 0 votes

Charles“Dr. Strangelove” Krathenhammer, - 0% - 0 votes

Mort“I am not a pussy”Kondrackie - 0% - 0 votes

Matt“Im not a fag”Drudge - 0% - 0 votes

Ann “c*nty” Colter - 0% - 0 votes

Oh lord we beseech thee, smite them all - 35% - 6 votes

how can they have a brain toumour with no brains - 29% - 5 votes

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