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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chink in The Obamessiah's Armor?

From Rasmussen Reports:

59% see Russian Invasion of Georgia as Threat
Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The majority of Americans (59%) regard Russia’s ongoing invasion of neighboring Georgia as a threat to U.S. national security, but less than a third (31%) believe the United States should take any diplomatic action against Russia.

A similar number (33%) say the United States should not take diplomatic action against Russia, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey taken Monday night. A plurality (36%) remain undecided.

Just over half (51%) also believe that John McCain is the best equipped of the two major presidential candidates to handle a similar crisis in the future, while 36% believe Barack Obama is the better of the two to deal with this kind of situation.

It would seem that only the die-hard progressives socialists think Obama's "solution" (which can be summed up as "Boys!! Boys!!! Play nice!!!!") to the invasion of Georgia would have any impact.

Seth Colter Walls has good analysis of the impact of these events on the US Presidential campaign and how Obama is missing an opportunity while he "summers" in Hawaii.
McCain Seizes On Russia-Georgia Conflict During Obama's Vacation

Maybe Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin didn't get the memo. World leaders are supposed to grease the skids on the global stage for Barack Obama, not turn long-simmering regional tensions into boiling international incidents during the one week the presumptive Democratic nominee takes a vacation.

All kidding aside, Russia and Georgia likely don't care one way or the other right now about how their conflict plays in America's presidential campaign. But those who do care should note that John McCain currently has the field to himself in addressing the hot international topic of the week.

In a statement released to reporters, McCain not only recapitulates points he made over the weekend, but goes into full-blown professor mode, educating Americans about the history of Georgia and its importance to America's interests.

Recall that McCain looked in Putin's eyes and the only thing he saw was three letters - KGB. (BTW, someone at Pravda should really fact check their stories - McCain isn't 77!!)

I seem to recall an ad... a bear in the woods. And an old guy with some cojones who made the bear crap in the woods and flee.

Who do you think Putin is more concerned about? A lawyered-up, professorial street organizer who's served 2 years in the US Senate and cannot complete a sentence without an "ummmmmm" or an "uhhhh"?

Or some guy who's actually been on the tip of the spear and killed some imperialist commies? Someone who's shown that he's not one to break under pressure?

Meanwhile, Putin moves to position troops to take Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.

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