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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Operation Yellow Ribbon - Salinas, CA

Today McShane’s Nursery hosted an event for Operation Yellow Ribbon which provides support for our troops in the form of amenities of life that the troops might not otherwise have in Iraq and elsewhere, things like pogeybait (you vets know what I am talking about), novels, snack food, batteries, toiletries etc.

Given that this is The Central Coast, sandwiched in between Big Sur and Santa Cruz (Hippy centers of the known and unknown universe not to mention The Twilight Zone)) and a short drive from San Francisco, it was moving to see this outpouring of support for our armed forces in the combat zones. The signs that invited folks to honk who shared this support were enthusiastically responded to. The honking went on for the entire three hours of the event. My previously flagging spirits have been lifted.

I congratulate Steve McShane for his courage in hosting this event. There are a LOT of folks around here who at a minimum would frown upon it. Steve did it anyway. I told him I admired him for it.

I’ll be putting posts up on both the Another Rovian conspiracy and MontereyJohn Photography later today.

God bless America.


Your Co-Conspirator,