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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obamessiah Can Never Be Wrong

This video must be shocking to those in the reality-based community.*

Quite a smackdown for someone who's running on their claim to have unassailable judgment as it pertains to military strategery and tactics - even for someone who's entire experience with violence is isolated to a few years as a community organizer, whatever the hell that is.

By the way, how are those south side Chicago neighborhoods doing after the Obamessiah "organized" them? I mean, is there anything that this man can actually point to as an accomplishment?

Other than being a faithful member of a racist church for 20 years?

* - by reality-based community, I mean the moonbat fringe who have taken over a once great party and turned it into their own personal, God-Damn America party.

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ARC: St Wendeler