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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can I call them Communists now?

We all know that deep down, inside each and every Democrat is a communist waiting to bloom. Normally, they repress their communist urges because they know it's not usually acceptable within the US. Bernie Sanders (Communist-VT) became a Democrat to run for US Senate and was welcomed with open arms by Howard Dean, who revealingly commented that Bernie's positions on the issues aren't that far removed from mainstream Democrat positions.

However, with the Obamessiah phenomenon and the populist rhetoric in this election, even elected members of Congress are becoming more vocal in their support for communist policies such as the nationalization of entire industries. First, the crackpot from Cali mentioned in a committee hearing with oil execs that the next step was to nationalize - take over - the oil industry. (I can't imagine a more compelling reason to locate your headquarters and operations overseas (where most of your revenue is located.) Watch as Maxine thinks about what she's going to say - pauses, considers whether it's really a good thing to say publicly in the Us - and then runs with it. (And you can see the people behind her chuckle at the thought of Maxine Waters running a @#%^ing oil company - or perhaps they're laughing because they can't believe she would so publicly admit that she's a commie.)

Next up is Maurice Hinchey (H/T to ProteinWisdom), Congressman from New York. Maurice was first made famous here on Another Rovian Conspiracy when we disclosed that he had committed murder - a charge for which he has yet to be prosecuted. Actually, Maurice suggested that Karl Rove planted the National Guard fake memos with someone in Texas, recognizing that the dogged Dan Rather would investigate and find them, not recognize that they were fakes, and go with the story. His claim was so ridiculous and baseless that we decided to make a similarly ridiculous and baseless claim: that Maurice Hinchey had committed murder.

Now, Maurice is calling for the US government - the same government that hasn't been able to balance its budget in, oh... ever... - the same government that can't do a single thing efficiently - Maurice is calling for that government to take over the refining companies.


"Once the government can set prices" is a hilarious statement. What in the hell does she think would happen when the government set prices below market value? Has this woman never seen a supply & demand curve and thought about what happens when you set the price below equilibrium? This is not rocket science.

There is no question that the Democrats and their Moonbat base have decided that this is the year to begin showing their communist bona fides and see whether they can bring the US voters with them.

If they say these things during the election and Obama still gets elected, along with large majorities in the Congress, they'll feel empowered to move the country towards a completely socialist/communist system. And, as demonstrated by Hayek, Friedman, et al... once the government starts to control portions of the economy, they have to increase their control over the economic actors within that economy - and that means the people within the economy.

It's no accident that when Neil offers up the nationalization of the media, his guest whacko responds - immediately - with "We'd love to take that over, too!"

It's all so predictable...

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Comments (3)
ptg said...

They seem to come in 3 flavors; communists, communist dupes and fellow travelers. The lord Marx loves them all.

George said...

Actually, it wouldn't be all that bad if the Dems did ram through a bill to nationalize the oil industry. Then, after four years of seeing how well that worked the Dems would be out of power for a generation, maybe more. The way it is they can claim the Republicans are at fault so let them have their way.

St Wendeler said...

George - That would be good, but the normal course of these things is that, once nationalized, the Communists/Democrats would blame the failings not on their idiotic nationalization policy, but rather on external factors or the other business/industries in the value chain that aren't playing fair - and target those industries for nationalization.

They'll get their planning in one area and the death spiral will continue...