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Friday, May 23, 2008

Who Are We Supposed to Vote for this Year?

The more I hear from McCain the more I am inclined to move to France.

I of course refer to McCain's repeated failure to take the lead on this country meeting its energy needs. The French at least have taken steps in that direction. They have nukes. McCain? He likes nukes, which almost certainly will never be built, but ignores what we already have, oil.

I can not bring myself to believe that he actually means what he says about ANWR and off-shore drilling. The Chinese and Cubans are going to be drilling off our coast but we are not. Is he stupid or just obtuse?

What is it going to take to get something done? Commercial aircraft are sitting parked due to soaring fuel prices. Filling up the SUV is approaching $100. Food prices are soaring in no small part due to rising fuel costs and the galactically stupid investment in "bio-fuels."

I am going to head up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to watch the fire for a little comic relief!

Your Co-Conspirator,