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Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama: Begging HRC to Quit

News is that Obama is talking to Hillary!TM about joining the ticket, in an effort to get her to drop out of the race.

Of course, I don't think Obama actually could function with Hillary!TM anywhere in the administration - she and her husband would begin the process of amassing power and undercutting his every action.

Anyway, here's the story:

CNN Says

By Chris Dolmetsch
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May 23 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is in formal talks with Senator Barack Obama's campaign about becoming his vice presidential running mate, CNN reported, without citing anyone specific.

The two Democratic campaigns are talking about ways for Clinton, from New York, to drop her bid for president that may include joining the Illinois senator's ticket, CNN reported. Talks are in a ``very preliminary'' stage and are described as ``difficult,'' the network said.

Now, when I saw this story, I immediately connected it to Obama's naive belief that the best way to deal with the threat posed by Iran, North Korea, etc is to chat with them without preconditions. Obama believes that his charm and persuasive arguments will win the day.

If he's having problems getting Hillary!TM to quit a stupid presidential campaign that she has no hope of winning, what type of success does he think he'll have in stopping President Tom from continuing the development of a nuclear weapon and detonating it on Israel?

Just curious....

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