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Friday, May 02, 2008

Kantor Video Hoax

A video was circulating the Obama-supporting netroots this morning, purporting to show Mickey Kantor calling the voters in Indiana "sh!t" and "white n****rs." The clip was from the documentary War Room, which chronicled Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign.

DailyKos, DU, et al pushed the story hard, hoping to impact the Indiana primary next week.

Unfortunately, The Politico got a hold of the director of War Room and found out that the clip was doctored. Here's the original video, which shows the exchange at 4:30:

In actuality, Kantor is saying that the people in the White House must be "sh!tting" themselves over the poll results from Indiana.

Now, the interesting thing is the reaction to this dirty trick:

The DUers and Kossacks have pulled the original posts and, while some diarists are still arguing it's real, others are now claiming that this is a reverse dirty trick by the Clinton campaign, seeking the sympathy vote after the video was demonstrated to be a hoax.

The video clip of Kantor talking to Carville and Stephanopolous is most likely intended to get Obama supporters to embrace a fake smear. It's an old trick people and it works.

The story isn't going to be that a Clinton aide back in 92 insulted Indiana. The story is going to be that Obama supporters pushed a fake video trying to smear Hillary.

This is classic Rovian shit. We all use the phrase and talk about the evils of Rove but we always forget what that actually means.

Plausible? No. Deranged? Yes.

The MSM, as represented by MSNBC, have corrected the record, but don't ask the obvious follow up questions.

Finally, conservative bloggers, such as Allah at HotAir, are asking, "who doctored the video?!?!" which is now the central question in the story.

It seems that when it comes to Democratic Party politics, only the conservatives are interested in finding out the truth.

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