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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Made That Trip to the Santa Cruz Mountains

I gassed up the car, after I passed the credit check, and headed up toward the Santa Cruz Mountains to take a look at the Summit Fire. It really was not all that impressive when I got there. It had been pretty spectacular on Wednesday when it consumed the better part of 4,000 acres, but by Thursday it was spreading slowly. It had gone from "wind fed" to "fuel fed." Fortunately it stayed that way.

I camped out on a ridgeline about a mile and a half from the southern edge of the fire. The wind was from the west, so I had a good view with the smoke blowing off to the east. Helicopters came and went, trailing buckets of water that they dumped on the hot spots.

My brother pointed out the carbon footprint the choppers had and threatened to call Al Gore and have this ecological depradation, the helicopter exhaust that is, stopped immediately.

Anyway, here is what it looked like for you flatlanders out there who don't see this sort of thing everyday.

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