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Saturday, April 12, 2008

When It Strikes Home

I had the honor of preparing the visuals for the local Red Cross Heroes Breakfast this year. Among those selected was Nathan Krissoff, a local boy. He was killed in Iraq last year.

Nathan came from Truckee up in the Sierra. His father was a doctor there with a successful practice. Nathan came to our area to go to school.

Nathan graduated from The Stevenson School in Carmel in 2001 I believe, it could have been 2000. He was a fabulous student, a poet, president of the student body and captain of the swim team.

After graduation he went to Williams College. He earned his degree and wanted to serve his country in the wake of 9/11. He applied to the CIA as he had a gift for languages and wanted to be involved in human intelligence. The CIA thought him too young for that sort of work. The Marine Corps thought otherwise.

While performing that duty last year, 1st LT. Nathan Krissoff was killed.

After his death, his father at age 61 gave up his practice, and with a special dispensation from President Bush, was allowed to re-enter the military and he went on to serve in Iraq. His brother, also a Marine, is prohibited from serving in Iraq as he is a sole surviving son.

What can you say about the Krissoff family?

Semper Fidelis indeed.

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Brian said...

Semper Fi, indeed.

I'm reminded of the last line of the movie, the "Bridges at Toko Ri"

After getting confirmation from the US Army that the 3 americans are killed, Admiral Tarrant is shattered by the news and demands an explanation. Lee replies that what counts is the success of the mission and not the men who were killed. Tarrant sorrowfully must accept that Lee has "matured," approving his promotion. The film ends with Tarrant alone, wondering where Brubaker and all the others under his command could have found the bravery to do what is asked from them. The movie ends with a famous quote: "Where do we get such men?"