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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The General and the Ambassador - Round 2

Well, at least there was no "willing suspension of disbelief" or "General Betrayus" yesterday. I guess that is a step in the right direction. Nonetheless, the Copperheads are still hard at work.

Joe Biden raised a valid question that needs to be addressed (he usually does). The debate has been framed around the cost of pulling out of Iraq. The reverse needs to be addressed also, i.e. what is the cost of remaining in Iraq?

I do not think Joe would like the answer, but it is a fair question.

The American people are asking themselves the same questions.

A cost/benefit analysis needs to be laid out.

Brent Scocroft addressed this issue this morning on Morning Joe. He has credibility. He was an opponent of the war at the outset, as I was. But the cost of pulling out far outweighs the cost of completing the mission in his view, and again, in my view.

This is going to be a tough and long debate, so let it begin now.

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Jason said...

Whether that goal is worth the costs is a worthwhile debate -- one that is often shouted down with slogans. How can people that decry Darfur and Tibet be so hostile to the idea of ensuring stability in Iraq (for maybe 100 years)? If anything, the neo-cons carried through on the good intentions that liberals only pay lip service to.