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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Architect Analyzes The Dems

Karl Rove provides this excellent Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal on the issue of whether Obama is ready for prime time. Here's a snippet:

Mr. Obama has not been a leader on big causes in Congress. He has been manifestly unwilling to expend his political capital on urgent issues. He has been only an observer, watching the action from a distance, thinking wry and sardonic and cynical thoughts to himself about his colleagues, mildly amused at their too-ing and fro-ing. He has held his energy and talent in reserve for the more important task of advancing his own political career, which means running for president.

But something happened along the way. Voters saw in the Philadelphia debate the responses of a vitamin-deficient [Adlai] Stevenson act-a-like. And in the closing days of the Pennsylvania primary, they saw him alternate between whining about his treatment by Mrs. Clinton and the press, and attacking Sen. John McCain by exaggerating and twisting his words. No one likes a whiner, and his old-style attacks undermine his appeals for post-partisanship.

Fortunately for Obama, his supporters, the undecided Dems, and the press doesn't seen the contradictions in Obama's post-partisanship message, his actual record, or his cheap attacks on McCain.

And, as far as accomplishments are concerned, when was the last time you heard a journalist in the MSM actually point to the fact that he's done nothing as a Senator? His only true accomplishment was his speech in 2004 - a version of which he's been giving for the past 4 years.

What leadership!

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