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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time for Spitzer to Focus on His Private Life...

...and not his public office.

In Spitzer's press conference yesterday, he mentioned the need to deal with this private matter with his family. I would suggest to him that the best way for his family to heal and move on with their lives is for Eliot to focus entirely on his private life and eliminate any distractions from his public office.

(One side note - since when did a criminal investigation ever become a private matter?)

In this New York Times Op-Ed, the "paper of socialists record" seems to be disappointed in Spitzer and seems to offer advice on how he can "regain the public trust" after the revelation of this "private matter."

March 11, 2008
Mr. Spitzer’s ‘Private Matter’

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer could not have been more wrong in his brief public appearance after the world learned that he was suspected of patronizing a prostitution ring. He did not just betray his family in a private matter. He betrayed the public, and it is hard to see how he will recover from this mess and go on to lead the reformist agenda on which he was elected to office.
Yes, it is... why don't you call for him to resign?
With his ashen-faced wife at his side, the governor apologized and said his behavior “violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong.” He was right about his violations, but he was, sadly, wrong when he asserted that politics is only about “big ideas” and not individuals. His short, arrogant statement simply was not enough, not from the Sheriff of Wall Street, not from the self-appointed Mr. Clean who went to Albany promising a new and better day.

It is likely that every aspect of Mr. Spitzer’s other life as Client 9 for the Emperor’s Club V.I.P. — as he has been identified by law enforcement officials — every text message and other secretive communication will be made public. Any politician would have a full-time job just dealing with such revelations. There have been elected officials, over the years, who have survived scandals of this sort. But for Mr. Spitzer, who runs a large and complex state, the burden is especially heavy to show that he has not lost the credibility to push for change, a sound budget and good government, as he promised so confidently a year ago.

I can feel it... you're going to instruct him to resign, right??
While few clients of prostitutes face criminal charges, law-enforcement affidavits raise at least the possibility of criminal charges based on transporting a woman across state lines for prostitution. Mr. Spitzer’s own record of prosecuting such cases gives him scant breathing room. As state attorney general, he prosecuted prostitution rings with enthusiasm — pointing out that they are often involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering. In 2004 on Staten Island, Mr. Spitzer was vehement in his outrage over 16 people arrested in a high-end prostitution ring.BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY!!!
A further tragedy here, beyond the personal one of the Spitzer family and the damage he has done to the reform cause, is that Mr. Spitzer’s targets are now relishing their tormentor’s torment. Those on Wall Street who fumed at having to make their world fairer for ordinary shareholders can now chortle with satisfaction in their private enclaves. For New York Republicans, who have blocked some of the most important reforms in Albany, it is hard to imagine the private glee — especially at a moment when they are fighting desperately to hold their majority in the State Senate.
No, this is not a tragedy... many on Wall Street were treated thuggishly and Spitzer used rumors about Wall Street execs "banging" their assistants to pressure them to step down. That Spitzer himself is involved in such depravity is not a tragedy - it's hilarious.
Sadly, this was not the first time that Mr. Spitzer has been caught up in his own arrogance. For all his promise as governor, Mr. Spitzer’s first year was unnecessarily rocky and full of the kinds of mistakes that come as much from hubris as from being new on the job. After succeeding with a few reforms, the governor’s ill-fated attempts to smear his Republican opponent lost him months of progress. Only recently had he seemed to be tempering his abrasive style.
Nevermind the arrogance and lack of prosecutorial restraint of Spitzer as Attorney General in New York.

One paragraph left... are you going to ask him to resign???
Mr. Spitzer did not seem to understand on Monday what he owed the public — a strong argument for why he should be trusted again. The longer he hesitates, it becomes a harder case to make.

Ummm, no... you leave open the possibility that he, after violating State and Federal law and demonstrating a profound lack of judgment regarding his position and the ramifications of such acts, can be trusted again.

It's clear to me that Spitzer should step down... for those Leftists, I think Vitter should be out as well.

Prostitution is a crime and, as the Wall Street Journal points out today, Spitzer's use of high-priced hookers surely opened him up to possibility of blackmail and distortion of his public duties. A similar (and accurate) argument was made at the time regarding Clinton's escapades in the Oval Office. If you are trusting a hooker (and anyone who might learn of the illegal activity) with your entire private and public life, that shows how idiotic Spitzer is. Knowledge of the illegal activity could result in pressuring the Governor (or then-current AG) to target people for investigation, curry favor in state contracts, appointments, cash, corruption, etc, etc.

And the question is, who benefits from this revelation?

Kristen (spitzer's "escort"), who can now go to the bank with the juicy details. Heck, perhaps she could even end up writing a book and becoming a media darling.

And it's clear that the salacious details of Spitzer's activities will eventually come out. In today's culture, such details are impossible to hide. Numerous tabloids will be willing to pay top dollar for the acts which result in the downfall of one of the fast rising political stars in the country.

Brian pointed out that Larry Craig will likely benefit, although this surely brings his situation back to the forefront of the discussion. However, if the Left continues to call for Craig to step down, but defends Spitzer's violation of State & Federal law would only point out that the Left has a hangup with homosexual acts or their hypocrisy because Spitzer was one of the guys in a white hat.

Finally, I would have to say that Obama will see some improvement from the media frenzy about a sex-obsessed politician from Hillary's home state. It doesn't help that Spitzer endorsed Hillary (which has since been removed from her campaign website).

But you just know that some fence sitters in the Democratic party, reminded of the gauntlet they had to endure back in 1998 will decide that it's probably not a good idea to tempt fate with a First Husband who reminds them of the Ladies' Man.

Hillary could really use this opportunity for a Sistah Souljah moment, decrying the sex scandal that is rocking her state and the country. But, there's that guy still standing next to her....

HotAir is covering as well as a million other bloggers.

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Monterey John said...

How about an OJ defense, "If the condom doesn't fit, you must acquit." (From my esteemed brother this morning)