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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama - "It's All Your Fault" - But Said Ever So Nicely

Jeremiah Wright is a raving loon, but he is that way because of the world in which grew up.

That is what Obama is basically saying when he says we need to understand the "context" of his pastor's rant, "God damn America!" the Sunday after 9/11 and numerous other odious sentiments over the years.

And the MSM swoons. This was the most important speech on race since King's "I Have a Dream." Obama appealed to their white guilt, and they bought it. He did it so deftly it took several days for me to see it. The man is fantastic with words. He sucks you in before you realize what has happened, at least he did me.

Of course Wright hates America. Look what he had to deal with in his youth 40 years ago. We should all be filled with guilt and give him whatever he wants, including approval of his hate mongering. Wright should not be challenged let alone rejected.

I don't think so, not this time.

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Brian said...

As I pointed out in another thread on another blog, that whole "generational" excuse for Wright is just silly.

Look at Kanye West and other rappers in the black popular culture who peddle conspiracy theories about America. It is just a different form of Wright, and its poisonous to race relations.

Jason said...

I completely agree. I was wondering what speech everyone else watched. I actually didn't watch the speech, I read the transcript so perhaps his magic Change and Hope didn't overwhelm my senses.

The outrage was never about race. It was about Obama hanging out with people who appear to strongly dislike America. His wife's comments, connections with Weather Underground members, 20 years of Rev. Wright as a mentor. Rev. Wright wasn't merely a bigot. He said the US designed AIDS as a genocidal weapon. That is false and more insulting than "9/11 was an inside job." The only acceptable excuse for saying that is mental illness. Having Obama lecture us about race is incredibly condescending.

To me, the speech was, "America is stained by slavery...I reject everything that is controversial...Here's why it's all justified though...By the way, my grandmother and Geraldine Ferraro are racist...But don't focus on that, the evil corporations are squeezing black AND white people...Unite behind me and get free healthcare, good jobs, and free education...God bless America."