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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Grief!

What is going on in the "education" system?

Never mind, I think we already know.

From NRO this morning:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Room for the Vets@School [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
The patriots
at Vets for Freedom were headed to Forest Lake Senior High School today with Rep. Michele Bachman. That is, until the Democratic Underground got to school administrators. “DON'T WAIT. CONTACT THEM NOW.”

Demonstrating class, the instructions to contact the school officials
included: “Note: Remember the woman that groped G. Dubya? That's this Michele
Bachmann.” (The freshman congresswoman was enthusiastic
to greet the president at the State of the Union last year.)

Planned was an assembly with about 150 Social Studies students. The vets —
including Vets for Freedom head Pete Hegseth, a graduate of the school (and
frequent NRO contributor
) — were to talk about their experiences at war.
According to Hegseth, “The venue was closed to the public, and we reached an
agreement with the principal not to talk about anything political. We had 2
Silver Star recipients and 1 Navy Cross recipient lined up, as well as a
half-dozen local veterans.”

It would have been an honor for kids, if you ask me. But it will not be.
The school canceled Monday, claiming it was becoming a political event. From the
sound of it, only Underground. The school and the Vets sounded like they were on
the road to a memorable educational event (and life experience). The
cancellation is a real shame for those students.

If I were a parent of a student at Forest Lake Senior High School, I’d be
mad. And if I were a Social Studies teacher anywhere in the country, I’d get on
the horn and invite the Vets for Freedom to my classroom.

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