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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cafe Hayek Debates Health Care

Russell Roberts of Cafe Hayek has an excellent conversation with a socialist doctor who wants to confiscate pharmaceutical company profits to pay for government-provided universal healthcare.

Here's Russell's post over at Cafe Hayek and a direct link to the audio:

Is health care a right?
Russell Roberts

Is health care a right? I have no idea. What I do know is that treating it like a right can be hazardous to our health. Here's my debate on the issue with a doctor who thinks health care is a right and the government should provide it.

It's a great listen and Russell provides an excellent refutation of the good doctor's idiotic proposals.

I thought it was hilarious when the NPR moderator mentioned that her friends who've returned from a year in France or the UK remarked at how great things are (e.g. the kids get glasses every 6 months - for free!).

It's amazing how stupid the NPR moderator's friends are - and how easily she internalized and accepted such a ridiculous statement.

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Comments (2)
Jason said...

I admire Russ. I would never have the self-control he displays nor the ability to stay on message in the face of meaningless questions or straw man attacks.

I laughed at Russ' reaction to "What if it was in our national interest...that it's good for our country?" question. Talk about a loaded question to start off an interview. Not to mention the other loaded questions like, how are you going to solve the health crisis?

As for the good Doctor, "...that profit making is good is hard to prove." Hard for me to listen to anything he says beyond that. The achievements of government dwarf those of profit-seeking organization?! I know the government is getting bigger, but we're not there yet. This guy isn't arguing about healthcare, he wants Communism. He states that profit seeking is a shame and the country will soon fail.

"I know how I would opt for deciding it, which is obviously the best way...joke." And then he goes on to explain how experts, which he happens to be, would decide. So, no, it was not a joke. It's all too easy to push for drastic change when that change has you as the gatekeeper.

Ultimately, the debate didn't fully address the original issue of making healthcare a right. Sadly, this should be a trivial question. At least in this country, our rights are endowed by our Creator, not handed down from Congress. The Constitution limits the power of the Federal government (and States via the 14th), it does not guarantee entitlements. Legislation does not create resources. It does alter the incentives and, in this case, smothers them.

The best solution to the "healthcare crisis" is not to create it.

St Wendeler said...

I love Russ's point, which I've made numerous times, that the problem with Health care isn't a lack of government involvement - it's too much government involvement already.

Free market forces efficiently provide any number of goods & services to the multitudes and we only see inefficiencies in those industries where the government plays a significant role (eg, health care, education, energy, etc).