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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Obama Peaked?

Brian's bold prediction for 2007 was that Obama would have peaked and begin his descent from glory. Now, given that there were no actual votes casted in 2007, it would be difficult to judge when and where he peaked.

Nevertheless, it seems that the Leftist bloggers are starting to turn on Obama, as reported at the Politico:

The Krugman wing vs. Obama

The partisan Democratic bloggers have always been suspicious of Obama for the same reasons as Paul Krugman: his resistance to partisan confrontation, and his willingness to go after his rivals from the right on domestic policy.

His pokes at labor-backed 527s, his suggestion that trial lawyer is a dirty word, and his apparent shots at Al Gore and John Kerry have pushed a bunch of bloggers off the fence in the last two days, and — though it's not going to move a whole lot of caucus-goers — it's worth noticing.

Among others, Kos unendorsed backed away from him, and Atrios, Jane Hamsher, Crooks & Liars, TalkLeft, and Ezra Klein pile on.

Two themes to watch: Some of the bloggers are arguing that a win in Iowa that's based on independent and/or GOP support would in some way be less valid; though I suspect that the storyline that he's bringing new people in and appealing to the center will actually be a pretty powerful case outside the most partisan circles.

Also, that as Ezra Klein writes, Obama represents the "old politics of centrist caution and status quo bias."

That's what used to be called, ironically, Clintonism.

Of course, support from the Moonbat bloggers (which includes Professor Krugman) does not exactly result in electoral success.

If anything, Obama may prevail in Iowa simply because the unhinged are backing away from him.

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