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Friday, January 11, 2008

McCain's Consistent Betrayals

McCain's record has so many lapses of judgement in it that it's easy to forget them all. Mark Levin has an excellent article at NRO which provides the details of all of those betrayals.

Somehow the Gang of 14 idiocy that McCain brokered slipped my mind...

If Olympia Snowe or Lincoln Chafee were septuagenarians who had spent 5 1/2 years in a POW camp, would we forget all of the terrible positions they had and support either of them as the nominee of our party?

Does being tortured by a North Vietnamese Commie trump any rational analysis of his record?

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ARC: St Wendeler

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Monterey John said...

Whoa! Gang of 14 a "betrayal?"

Now that the Republicans are in the minority, it looks pretty darn smart.

Think about it.

St Wendeler said...

The purpose of the gang of 14? To elevate the 14 senators to super-senator status. "You guys can't get anything unless you can convince the smarter senators to agree."

In all of the examples that Levin mentions in his column, the one common theme is that the bills elevate McCain above all other politicians - true to his "maverick" tag. Campaign finance reform would "save" the political system from the terrible influence of money - as McCain asks contributors for checks to fund his presidential run.

I just don't find too many of McCain's positions to be consistently conservative or libertarian. The only thing that is consistent in his positions is it's whatever benefits him in the eye of the press. The few issues that I do agree with him on (the war and reduction in spending) are shared by other candidates, without the baggage.