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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Bridge Beachfront Condo Too Far

With McCain's win in Florida yesterday, Rudy's strategy of concentrating his strength in Florida is getting a little bit of a short shrift today.

I guess it was just a bridge too far, for ol Rudy. That being said, I don't think the strategy can be faulted. It was Rudy's only shot, really.

He had no shot in Iowa, he had a modicum chance in New Hampshire, but with a "maverick" running with McCain, an existing Northeastern "liberal" Republican right next door in Romney, Rudy could only hope for limited things out of New Hampshire. He had no shot in South Carolina or Nevada. That leaves Florida. Especially with the compressed primary schedule, his hope must have been that it would have been a 2-3 man race by the time it got to Florida. If Rudy had gotten out of Florida with a win, the whole ballgame on Super Tuesday would have been in play, with New York, et. al. all voting on that day.

I know my family liked the straight talk of Rudy on the issue of terrorism, but unfortunately, with the economy being the dominant issue he had no shot.

I expect that we might see a Rudy in a McCain administration however, and he's a young man. I for one think he'd make an excellent Attorney General.

Michelle Malkin is covering the Rudy endorsement of McCain here; Sweetness & Light has more here.

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