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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogburst for Fred

To further cement my endorsement of Fred Dalton Thompson, I'm supporting this blogburst for Fred.:


Fred Thompson’s campaign is once again at a critical juncture and again I am showing my support for the candidate of my choice by organizing a Blogburst in hopes that we can raise the funds necessary for Fred’s campaign to be competitive.

This time, it’s South Carolina where Fred is staking all in hopes of a breakthrough victory. A clinical analysis of the GOP race for President shows that it is still anyone’s ballgame. Rasmussen’s most recent 4 day rolling average has Fred in 4th at 12%, ahead of Giuliani and just 9 points out of the lead held by Mike Huckabee at 22%.

But Thompson desperately needs to win in South Carolina in order to continue to be a viable candidate. And there are several factors at play in the Palmetto State that makes a Thompson win a realistic goal:

1. Romney has dropped out of the running in SC, having pulled his ads and is transferring staff in order to ambush John McCain in Michigan.

2. That leaves only three candidates with a realistic shot at winning in SC; Huckabee, McCain, and Thompson. Amazingly, none of the three candidates will have an overwhelming advantage when it comes to financing. This levels the playing field considerably.

3. SC voters have made it clear that opposition to illegal immigration is one of the top issues in the state. Looking at the three candidates above, who do you think has the most consistent, conservative record on immigration?

4. Outside factors may play a role in the dynamics of the race. McCain may very well be grievously wounded by a Romney win in Michigan – a state he won in 2000. There would be little time for McCain to right himself following a loss there what with the SC primary 4 days later.

In short, a Thompson win in SC is not only possible but within reach – if Fred has the money for media buys to get his message to the people.

I realize that many bloggers who support Fred have been hitting their readers hard for donations recently – especially since Fred’s campaign has set as a goal raising $540,000 by tomorrow in order to finance his ad campaign. As of Thursday morning, the effort has realized $420,000 towards that goal.

My hope is that once again, speaking with one voice and calling on our readers to dig deep, we can duplicate our success from December’s blogburst, putting Fred way over the top and give the campaign a rocket powered boost into South Carolina and beyond.

Rick makes an excellent point. I'll be donating using the button below.

Memo to Fred - The next time you're in a debate, even if being laid back is your style, try to be a bit more engaged. You've got a great message and you're the one to deliver it. Use those acting skills!

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Brian said...

Looks like he won the debate last night, if Frank Luntz's dial results are anything....