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Friday, July 20, 2007

Environmentalism - Turning Us All Into Hippies

One of the reasons that Environmentalism is difficult for many people to swallow isn't just the questionable science regarding Global Warming.... no, it's also the problem that much of what those in the Church of EnvironmentalismTM prescribe is intended to turn us all into poorly dressed, scrawny vegan hippies:

Eating beef ' is less green than driving'
Last Updated: 2:59am BST 19/07/2007

Producing 2.2lb of beef generates as much greenhouse gas as driving a car non-stop for three hours, it was claimed yesterday.

Japanese scientists used a range of data to calculate the environmental impact of a single purchase of beef.

Taking into account all the processes involved, they said, four average sized steaks generated greenhouse gases with a warming potential equivalent to 80.25lb of carbon dioxide.

This also consumed 169 megajoules of energy.

That means that 2.2lb of beef is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions which have the same effect as the carbon dioxide released by an ordinary car travelling at 50 miles per hour for 155 miles, a journey lasting three hours. The amount of energy consumed would light a 100-watt bulb for 20 days.

Most of the greenhouse gas emissions are in the form of methane released from the animals' digestive systems, New Scientist magazine reported.

But more than two thirds of the energy used goes towards producing and transporting cattle feed, said the study, which was led by Akifumi Ogino from the National Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science in Tsukuba, Japan.

Su Taylor, the press officer for the Vegetarian Society, told New Scientist: "Everybody is trying to come up with different ways to reduce carbon footprints, but one of the easiest things you can do is to stop eating meat."

To which my only response is (in a Homer Simpson voice), "mmmmm, beef..."

And never mind the fact that Environmentalism can kill you.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Report from the Redneck Riviera

Things are going well down here on the Redneck Riviera. Water has been somewhat calm, clear turquoise to the bottom yesterday. Except for a fire in the building which prompted an evacuation of the building after the kids had just fallen asleep, the trip has been a success. From the screams of joy from my niece as I tried to throw her off the wave-runner, to the amazing encounters my wife and I experienced with dolphins - who jumped out of the water, did some flips, and then propelled themselves at amazing speed to catch a fish just yards away. I also was lucky enough to be snorkeling just off the waverunner when two dolphins cruised right at me, within arms' reach.

The only other gripe that I've had - MP3 player that auto-updated its firmware before the trip hasn't worked the entire time. Would've been nice on the 12 hour drive down here to have my 1,500 songs available. My goal now is to get the thing back online before we head back on Saturday, which is when we'll attempt to do the whole trek in one day. (Brian - Think you can fly down and pick me up???) [UPDATE - The fine folks at Sandisk support have me all set...]

I've also read several books, one of which is Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death. For anyone with an interest in Environmentalism, its shoddy scientific and economic foundation, and its disastrous impact on the Third World, this is a must read. It's a bit dry (to start), but the author makes a compelling case that Environmentalism is just the latest form of the Developed World keeping the Third World in its place. Feel good policies (to the West) that ultimately hurt "The Other" - for their own good.

This story out of New York makes me glad that I'm not going to be traveling there as often as I have over the past two years. I'll miss the sights (certainly not the smells) of the City, but while New York can be fun, it can also be maddening. While this might not be terrorist related, it certainly demonstrates how fragile the infrastructure is. No doubt the Moonbats initially thought this was some Rovian ploy to bring about 1984... unfortunately, I've only now been able to get connectivity to the interweb - apparently, when you leave a company, they turn off your dialup access to their network!!! If only the Moonbats knew how close they were to the Truth!

Well, off to the pool to see if I can achieve a John Candy sunburn.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler