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Friday, July 06, 2007

Yet Another Inconvenient Truth - Part 1,769

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This weekend's Gore-basm apparently wasn't all that it was supposed to be. First, the UK's Daily Mail gives this post-concert assessment:

Live Earth branded a foul-mouthed flop

Organisers of the global music concert - punctuated by swearing from presenters and performers - had predicted massive viewing figures.

But BBC's live afternoon television coverage attracted an average British audience of just 900,000.

In the evening, when coverage switched from BBC2 to BBC1, the figure rose to just 2.7 million.

And the peak audience, which came when Madonna sang at Wembley, was a dismal 4.5million. Three times as many viewers saw the Princess Diana tribute on the same channel six days before.

Two years ago, Live 8 drew a peak television audience of 9.6million while Live Aid notched 10 million in 1985.
Critics said however that the public had simply snubbed what they saw as a hypocritical event.

Musicians including Bob Geldof, Roger Daltrey and the Pet Shop Boys pointed out that a concert highlighting climate change had itself generated huge carbon emissions.

Performers were criticised for flying to concerts that were staged simultaneously on seven continents.
The mounds of rubbish left by the 65,000 concert-goers at Wembley further tarnished the event's green credentials.

Organisers claimed most of the waste would be sorted and recycled but the Daily Mail saw little evidence of that taking place. The Alliance for Climate Protection event was organised by Al Gore, the former U.S. vice-president and environmental campaigner.

Then, there's this assessment by Chris Rock:
Yet U.S. comedian Chris Rock expressed the kind of disbelief shared by many on the day that Live Earth would make a lasting difference, even if he was only joking:

"I pray that this event ends global warming the same way that Live Aid ended world hunger," he said in London.

This from the Washington Post is perhaps the best assessment. When will the Left stop "raising awareness" and actually start doing something - you know, like reducing their own carbon footprint. It'd be nice if Algore would take a pledge to at least match Bush's carbon footprint...
Live Earth London's Glacial Pacing
Mixing Music and a Serious Message Gives Concert a Clunky Rhythm

By Glenda Cooper
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, July 8, 2007; D04

LONDON, July 7 -- "If you want to save the planet, I want you to start jumping up and down!" Thus Madonna revealed her plan to combat global warming. Clad in a black satin leotard, she gyrated with dancers and simulated sex with an amplifier and a guitar. Along with the Foo Fighters, the 48-year-old Queen of Pop transformed a Live Earth concert that at times had seemed earnest and slow.
It's an inconvenient truth, but mixing rock with recycling is awkward. In a TV interview earlier this week, Matt Bellamy of the band Muse mocked the event as "private jets for climate change."

John Buckley of Carbon Footprint, an organization that helps companies reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, said Saturday that Live Earth will produce about 74,500 tons of the gas. "We would have to plant 100,000 trees to offset the effect of Live Earth," he said, speaking by telephone. But, he added, "if you can reach 2 billion people and raise awareness, that's pretty fantastic."

Certainly, on the way into the show, some of the 65,000 people who'd spent $110 on a ticket appeared unaware of the seven-point pledge that Al Gore, the event's chief impresario, had asked all spectators to make. Asked about it, they offered blank looks and said they were there for Madonna (whose annual carbon footprint, according to Buckley, is 1,018 tons -- about 92 times the 11 tons an average person uses per year).

"I'm not even sure who Gore is," said Georgie Simpson, 35, from Ipswich, in eastern England. "I saw Gore on TV," added Sue Bourner, 38, a health service manager from Hampshire. "But frankly, I think it's cheeky of Americans to come over here and lecture us. They are the worst polluters."

The organizers were determined that the crowd not go away ignorant, however. Big banners asking people to "answer the call" surrounded the stage. And a series of public information films featuring celebrities such as Penelope Cruz urged people to turn thermostats down and carpool while, in between, montages of happy animals were contrasted with pollution-belching power stations.

Occasionally there was a surreal experience of, for example, listening to the reunited, veteran rock group Genesis sing "Turn It On Again" while the video images appeared to suggest it was time to Turn It Off. And singer-songwriters Damien Rice and David Gray promised everyone to make a difference -- before singing that anthem to predestination, "Que Sera Sera."
Lining up at the stalls selling $40 organic cotton T-shirts proclaiming "Green Is the New Black," Andrea Covic, 26, was also optimistic. "I've come because I'm sympathetic to the message," she said. "Of course I want to see the Beastie Boys. But I do think this is a good way of getting people and the media to take climate change seriously."

Finally, to demonstrate that Algore is about the dumbest environmentalist out there, there's this from George Reisman's blog (H/T to Donald Luskin):
In his July 1, 2007, New York Times Op-Ed piece, “Moving Beyond Kyoto,” Al Gore states:
Consider this tale of two planets. Earth and Venus are almost exactly the same size, and have almost exactly the same amount of carbon. The difference is that most of the carbon on Earth is in the ground — having been deposited there by various forms of life over the last 600 million years — and most of the carbon on Venus is in the atmosphere.

As a result, while the average temperature on Earth is a pleasant 59 degrees, the average temperature on Venus is 867 degrees. True, Venus is closer to the Sun than we are, but the fault is not in our star; Venus is three times hotter on average than Mercury, which is right next to the Sun. It’s the carbon dioxide.
No, Mr. Gore, it’s not the carbon dioxide. If you take the trouble to do an internet search on Google for “carbon dioxide” + “Martian atmosphere,” you will learn that the Martian atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide, yet the average surface temperature on Mars is -63° C (-81° F). (It's true that the atmosphere on Mars is only about .6 percent as dense as that on Earth, but it's also true that its relative concentration of carbon dioxide is about 2400 times as great as that of Earth, which appears to make up for the thinness of the Martian atmosphere about 14 times over.)

But even putting this decisive objection aside, there is simply no informed or honest way for you to suggest that the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide on Earth is or ever will be comparable to the amount on Venus. According to The Encyclopedia Britannica, the atmosphere of Venus is 96 percent carbon dioxide. The atmosphere of the Earth, in contrast, is less than .04 percent carbon dioxide. That’s not .04, but .0004, i.e., four one-hundredths of one percent. To be precise, carbon dioxide is presently 383 parts per million of the Earth’s atmosphere. All of the brouhaha going on about the subject is over a projected increase to perhaps as much as 1000 parts per million by the year 2100, i.e., to .1 percent, which is 10 one-hundredths of one percent.

Read the entire post, as Reisman goes further in skewering Algore than space permits here.

Live Earth was all about Algore and getting him back onto the stage of US politics. Frankly, I don't think the average voter is ready for his hypocritical and moral preaching regarding the manner in which we live our lives. But hey, Algore will always have his fans who will disregard any inconvenient truth in the name of continuing their leftist agenda.

And, remember all of that international air travel for the performers.... Live Earth's website provides this useful cartoon about the impact of air travel on CO2 emissions. It's hilarious!

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July from The Left Coast

And a little something to stir the juices that I shot awhile back...

Freedom's Thunder

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Happy Fourth of July

My plan for today?

  1. Prominently and jingoistically display the Stars & Stripes
  2. Go watch a small-town parade (one of the top 50 places to live in the country, according to Money magazine!) with my wife & kids. (Yes, you feminazis out there, I used the possessive pronoun... and yes, watching a small town parade may involve a lot of flags, perhaps a display of military force, and perhaps even some floats by local churches - Christian churches. Just to make sure that the patriarchy continues....)
  3. Put 13 pounds of pork shoulder (half to be Eastern Carolina Pulled Pork, the other half Jamaican jerked) on a water smoker filled with beer and sit back and watch the smoke flow forth.
  4. Share some patriotic (and jingoistic) Sam Adams Summer Brews with friends & family (He was a Brewer and a Patriot!)
  5. Eat more Jamaican Jerk Pork than I should
  6. Shoot off some fireworks made by some Chinese guy 12 months ago - to celebrate the militaristic foundation of our country.
  7. Watch a small town fireworks display (one of the top 50 places to live in the US!) and return to my humble abode where I'll pay for too much Jamaican Jerk
I may also try and watch The Patriot as well... Or perhaps phone up my friends & colleagues in the UK and ask them if they're enjoying the day off. What's that?? July 4th isn't a holiday over there??? Oh... that's rrrrrrright!

Happy (and safe) Fourth of July, everyone!

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Union Square, San Francisco

World famous bookstore on Union Square, Cody's, bites the dust and is replaced by... groan.

For larger image click on picture.

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Yet Another Inconvenient Truth - Part 1,768

Algore gets another smackdown (previous Inconvenient Truths can be read here) this time from James Taylor in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Alarmist global warming claims melt under scientific scrutiny
June 30, 2007


In his new book, The Assault on Reason, Al Gore pleads, "We must stop tolerating the rejection and distortion of science. We must insist on an end to the cynical use of pseudo-studies known to be false for the purpose of intentionally clouding the public's ability to discern the truth." Gore repeatedly asks that science and reason displace cynical political posturing as the central focus of public discourse.

If Gore really means what he writes, he has an opportunity to make a difference by leading by example on the issue of global warming.

A cooperative and productive discussion of global warming must be open and honest regarding the science. Global warming threats ought to be studied and mitigated, and they should not be deliberately exaggerated as a means of building support for a desired political position.

Many of the assertions Gore makes in his movie, ''An Inconvenient Truth,'' have been refuted by science, both before and after he made them. Gore can show sincerity in his plea for scientific honesty by publicly acknowledging where science has rebutted his claims.

For example, Gore claims that Himalayan glaciers are shrinking and global warming is to blame. Yet the September 2006 issue of the American Meteorological Society's Journal of Climate reported, "Glaciers are growing in the Himalayan Mountains, confounding global warming alarmists who recently claimed the glaciers were shrinking and that global warming was to blame."

Gore claims the snowcap atop Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro is shrinking and that global warming is to blame. Yet according to the November 23, 2003, issue of Nature magazine, "Although it's tempting to blame the ice loss on global warming, researchers think that deforestation of the mountain's foothills is the more likely culprit. Without the forests' humidity, previously moisture-laden winds blew dry. No longer replenished with water, the ice is evaporating in the strong equatorial sunshine."

Gore claims global warming is causing more tornadoes. Yet the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated in February that there has been no scientific link established between global warming and tornadoes.

Gore claims global warming is causing more frequent and severe hurricanes. However, hurricane expert Chris Landsea published a study on May 1 documenting that hurricane activity is no higher now than in decades past. Hurricane expert William Gray reported just a few days earlier, on April 27, that the number of major hurricanes making landfall on the U.S. Atlantic coast has declined in the past 40 years. Hurricane scientists reported in the April 18 Geophysical Research Letters that global warming enhances wind shear, which will prevent a significant increase in future hurricane activity.

Gore claims global warming is causing an expansion of African deserts. However, the Sept. 16, 2002, issue of New Scientist reports, "Africa's deserts are in 'spectacular' retreat . . . making farming viable again in what were some of the most arid parts of Africa."

Gore argues Greenland is in rapid meltdown, and that this threatens to raise sea levels by 20 feet. But according to a 2005 study in the Journal of Glaciology, "the Greenland ice sheet is thinning at the margins and growing inland, with a small overall mass gain." In late 2006, researchers at the Danish Meteorological Institute reported that the past two decades were the coldest for Greenland since the 1910s.

Gore claims the Antarctic ice sheet is melting because of global warming. Yet the Jan. 14, 2002, issue of Nature magazine reported Antarctica as a whole has been dramatically cooling for decades. More recently, scientists reported in the September 2006 issue of the British journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society Series A: Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences, that satellite measurements of the Antarctic ice sheet showed significant growth between 1992 and 2003. And the U.N. Climate Change panel reported in February 2007 that Antarctica is unlikely to lose any ice mass during the remainder of the century.

Each of these cases provides an opportunity for Gore to lead by example in his call for an end to the distortion of science. Will he rise to the occasion? Only time will tell.

Of course, the Left has already decided that any questioning of Global Warming is the work of evil corporations. Regardless of the facts presented by Mr. Taylor and those scientists and publications he cites, the "progressives" will dismiss his attacks on their Spiritual Leader.

All I have to say is that my belief in Global Warming was seriously damaged when I read the following words by a previously pro-global warming scientist:
"With the publication of the article in Science [in 1995], I gained significant credibility in the community of scientists working on climate change. They thought I was one of them, someone who would pervert science in the service of social and political causes. so one of them let his guard down. A major person working in the area of climate change and global warming sent me an astonishing email that said "We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period."

D. Deming, Science 1995

Ignoring scientific evidence (such as the Medieval Warm Period) and bastardizing data (such as the Hockey Stick - which is no longer in an IPCCC reports) are not indicators of science, but faith and dogma.

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Surging Towards Security

Question on my mind for the next few years - if we're victorious in Iraq and the New York Times doesn't report it, does that mean it didn't happen?

From the ueber-right-wing Guardian in the UK:

Iraq reports drop in civilian death toll
Mark Tran and agencies

Monday July 2, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

Iraqi officials today attributed a sharp drop in civilian deaths to a US-led security crackdown that began in February. At least 1,227 Iraqi civilians were killed in June - the lowest total since February - along with 190 policemen and 31 soldiers, an officer from the interior ministry operations room told the Associated Press.

The numbers were a 36% drop from the ministry's May figures - 1,949 civilian deaths along with 127 policemen and 47 soldiers.

But the figures could not be verified independently, and many deaths are believed to go unreported. The Iraqi government recently decided to withhold civilian casualty numbers from the UN.

"This is one of the results of the implementation of the security plan and the deployment of extra Iraqi and US forces," Brigadier General Qassim al-Moussawi said.

"Such figures show that the security operations are going in the right direction and they are working as planned."

In January, the US president, George Bush, ordered nearly 30,000 extra troops to Iraq, most of them to Baghdad to quell sectarian violence. The Baghdad security operation was launched in mid-February, but the last of the American reinforcements arrived in Iraq only last month.

US commanders were cautious about jumping to conclusions over the fatality figures. One military spokesman said the decrease was encouraging but that it was too early to attribute it to the crackdown.

"The synchronised effort only began two weeks ago. It's too early to declare a trend," Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Garver said.

Of course, this won't stop the Dems from declaring defeat - they've been declaring defeat for years now and are unwilling to allow for the facts on the ground to play out.

And, since the Dems get their facts from NY Times Op-Eds and DailyKos, it's unlikely that they're even aware of such short-term trends. (As of this posting date/time, the New York Times has not covered this story.)

And, for reality of what's going on in the battle to rid Diyala province of Al-Qaeda, check out Michael Yon and other freelancers. They provide more information in one paragraph than The Times & co provide in an entire month. This dispatch from Yon is but one example, which describes an Al-Qaeda My Lai:
On 29 June, American and Iraqi soldiers were again fighting side-by-side as soldiers from Charley Company 1-12 CAV—led by Captain Clayton Combs—and Iraqi soldiers from the 5th IA, closed in on a village on the outskirts of Baqubah. The village had the apparent misfortune of being located near a main road—about 3.5 miles from FOB Warhorse—that al Qaeda liked to bomb. Al Qaeda had taken over the village. As Iraqi and American soldiers moved in, they came under light contact; but the bombs planted in the roads (and maybe in the houses) were the real threat.

The firefight progressed. American missiles were fired. The enemy might have been trying to bait Iraqi and American soldiers into ambush, but it did not work. The village was riddled with bombs, some of them large enough to destroy a tank. One by one, experts destroyed the bombs, leaving small and large craters in the unpaved roads.

The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?
Captain Clayton Combs has been fighting hard in Diyala for about ten months, much of it side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers from the 5th Division. Each time I’ve come into contact with the 5th, they seem far better than most. American officers and sergeants who work with the 5th have good things to report about them, saying that although the 5th still has far to go, and cannot sustain itself logistically, it can fight.

Captain Combs said this particular Iraqi unit, the 3-25, has never run away from combat, and never refused to close on the enemy. Combs said, “I’ve fought with 3-25 for 10 months in Diyala and they have always come when I am in trouble. They always go on patrols when I ask. They never back down.”

I asked Captain Combs to repeat what he said, making sure he knew I was planning to quote him directly. A veteran like Combs would be unlikely to append his name to such words if he weren’t dead serious. Captain Combs repeated his words and stuck by them. He then demonstrated that faith when we took off deeper into the danger zone with nine soldiers from 5th IA: just Captain Combs, Iraqi soldiers and me. As we passed through the village, Captain Combs pointed out the nice houses, saying the people had been simple farmers with comfortable homes and lives.

Until al Qaeda came.

Read the whole thing...

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