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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Obama Receives a Thorough Fisking

sometimes post titles write themselves. Jules Crittenden has an excellent post on a recent speech that Barack "Audacity of Hope" Obama gave at Depaul University:

And, it is an excellent question... where in the @#$ does a guy who wrote a book titled The Audacity of Hope get off recommending a foreign policy that is utterly hopeless and destined to cause the deaths of millions?

What's that?


Oh, I see... by Audacity of Hope, Barack was merely talking about his audacity to hope to tax us until we're wardens of the state. And he certainly wasn't talking about some backwater yokels in the Middle East who we are morally obliged to protect... screw 'em!

Or perhaps Barack is Audaciously Hoping for the defeat of America and the victory of our terrorist enemies...

I'm as confused as Jules is.

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