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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Intolerance of the Left

A recurring subject here on ARC has been the inability of the Left to engage in the debate, accept opinions and arguments that are counter to their held beliefs, and their overt steps to censor those differing opinions.

Well, yesterday I commented on Firedoglake and, wisely, posted my comment on this blog as well. My past experience at FDL, DailyKos, BithcPHD, and DemocraticUnderground has shown to me that any comment submitted to these sites will be censored by the moderator. Interestingly, the comments with foul, racist, and anti-semitic language somehow seem to make it through the moderator's review.

Here is the text of my comment to FDL, which I submitted 2x during the course of the day. Please find what would be considered objectionable, other than the facts and the clear argument which is presented:

St Wendeler
Another Rovian Conspiracy

So… if the GOP simply airs an ad with a child, the Dems and the nutroots will not question anything that that kid says? Is that what I’m to understand?

I am imagining an ad where a kid talks about how the federal government is keeping him in an under-performing school instead of helping his parents to pay for a better private school.

Or another ad where a kid complains about the IRS forcing his mom to sell their family business in order to pay for the death tax.

If kids are off limits, then all I gotta say is “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Oh… and isn’t it shameless that the Dems grabbed some kid, shoved him in front of a camera, and made him do an ad so they could score some political points?

P.S. If the Frost’s are so committed to public (socialized) government programs like S-CHIP, why aren’t they sending little Graeme to Baltimore public schools? They’re hypocrites.

Interestingly, I found that the moderator from Firedoglake actually visited this site, in all likelihood to determine whether the content on this site was acceptable. Here's the screencap of the visit, courtesty of (click the image to see the details):

So, in order to have your opinion heard on a liberal nutroot blog, you need to meet the following criteria (as determined by me from reviewing other comments on the post):
  1. comment must be "progressive"
  2. comment must include praise for the original poster or another "progressive" commenter
  3. comment must not engage the bloggers in a debate
  4. comment must not be counter to pre-conceived notions / beliefs of the "progressive" community; and (last, but not least)
  5. your blog must also promote the "progressive" agenda.

Hmmm... that sounds healthy. No wonder they think they're the "new center of American politics" - they aren't willing to listen to anything other than their own voices!

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler