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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Graeme Frost - Puppet of the Left

Interesting facts regarding the Frost's economic situation.

The most buzzworthy story on the right side of the blogosphere this weekend concerned young Graeme Frost, the 12-year-old child severely injured in a terrible car accident that also left his sister with permanent disabilities. Graeme Frost was propped up by Democrats desperate to avert the president’s veto of S-CHIP legislation, which would have massively expanded the government health care entitlement. The Dems are trying to muster up enough votes to override President Bush’s veto. They’ve scheduled a vote for Oct. 18. The boy gave the Democratic radio address last week, written for him by Senate Democrat staffers, and made several Beltway lobbying appearances with top Dem leaders. (Listen to Graeme’s address here.) The accident was horrible. The children deserve much sympathy and compassion.

But legislation-by-anecdote is a tricky thing, and should only be done when the anecdotes actually hold some water.

It turns out–as it does with so many health care stories pimped by the Democrats and the MSM–that there is much more to the Frosts’ story than meets the eye.

The family is not as destitute as the MSM has made them out to be. FreeRepublic member icwhatudo asks the tough questions the mainstream media won’t ask. Like why a “working family” in need of government-subsidized health care can afford to send two children to a $20,000-a-year-private school.

Mark Steyn also has excellent coverage here:

My only question is this: If Graeme Frost's parents are such big fans of a publicly-funded healthcare system, why in the heck aren't they sending him to a publicly funded education system?

I mean, if they were principled in their belief on government run systems, little Graeme would be heading off to the Baltimore public schools everyday.

Talk about hypocrisy!

*** UPDATE ***
Dan Riehl does some investigating and finds further evidence that the Frost family aren't all that the Dems would have you believe. Here's the closer and Dan doesn't pull any punches:
Yes, the Frost children are victims, but not of conservatives. They look more like victims of a couple of mostly spoiled brats who became parents and never felt compelled to take responsibility for themselves when it came to the bottom line on that. There are poor people in America who need help, particularly as regards Health care. The point is, the family above shouldn't be and simply aren't among them. Call Dad next time you want some bucks FH. And kindly leave the rest of America's collective wallet the hell alone.

Or, hey, get a second job with benefits. I've done that more than once in my life when I needed the cash. And do it before you let Graeme tell the media how much you struggle to take care of him, because there are enough people in America who really do struggle with these issues. And when they take a look at your lot in life they are left far from impressed and unmoved to cough up one thin dime so you can enjoy afternoons playing with your lathe, or whatever the hell else it is you do in your factory.

I've seen the Left go nuts over anyone daring to question the family that the Democratic Party thrust in front of the cameras. Rush points out that their house is in a neighborhood where property values are between $300-$400k; the nutroots counter that the Frost's only paid $55k for it back in 1991. (Apparently, the selling price of real estate isn't a property's current value - it's what you paid for it.

So that explains why the Left has no clue how economics works!

*** UPDATE 2 ***
My comment (which will probably never make it past the censor moderator) to this ridiculous post at Firedoglake (which basically says, if it's a kid in an ad, you can't even ask a question):
St Wendeler
Another Rovian Conspiracy

So… if the GOP simply airs an ad with a child, the Dems and the nutroots will not question anything that that kid says? Is that what I’m to understand?

I am imagining an ad where a kid talks about how the federal government is keeping him in an under-performing school instead of helping his parents to pay for a better private school.

Or another ad where a kid complains about the IRS forcing his mom to sell their family business in order to pay for the death tax.

If kids are off limits, then all I gotta say is “Lights, Camera, Action!”

Oh… and isn’t it shameless that the Dems grabbed some kid, shoved him in front of a camera, and made him do an ad so they could score some political points?

P.S. If the Frost’s are so committed to public (socialized) government programs like S-CHIP, why aren’t they sending little Graeme to Baltimore public schools? They’re hypocrites.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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