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Friday, September 28, 2007

Free Speech? Just What Does that Mean?

Is it a denial of the right of free speech to say to ____ (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite wingnut), "I think you are full of crap and I don't want to hear any more what you have to say."

There are those on The Left (The Church of Perpetual Victimhood) who would have you believe that was the case. When those with opposing views express that opposition, the speaker claims his rights are being abridged. The evil goons on The Right are trying to stifle his or her simple protest.

Memo to Wingnut: the opposition has a right to express their contrary views every bit as much as you do to express yours. If you insist on expressing your views, bizarre though they may be, you should not be surprised when others express theirs. How hard is that to understand?

Then there was the circus at Columbia University.

The Left, who have ironically made common cause with fascist fundametalist Muslim extremists (I think we have seen that before, but that's another story), insisted that allowing the Iranian leader to speak there was some sort of blow for free speech.

Free speech would be demonstrated by allowing the Iranian petty dictator to speak on on a street corner, or if he was so inclinced, to publish a newspaper, or political tracts or to start a TV network etc. It is not necessary that others provide him with a forum or medium. There is NO RIGHT TO BE HEARD. There is only a right to speak.

Our friends in the MSM, I believe, are well aware of this or should be. Yet when wingnuts assert their right of free speech is being abridged when it is not, the MSM uncritically (cynically?) report those assertions as though they were fact. Folks who live by the First Amendment should be a little more careful. When circumstances change, they may well come to rue the day they started playing this game.

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