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Monday, July 09, 2007

MJ turned 60 Over the Weekend and...

In the words of Tom Lehr, "Reminds me of the day..."

I was at the Monterey Celtic festival celebrating my 60th birthday when I saw this Union Jack. It fluttered in the breeze, defiantly I thought. It brought back a memory.

Many years ago my room mate from college, my then wife and I were in New York City, somewhere around 2nd and 23rd as I recall. We wandered into an Irish bar of which there are a profusion in that neighborhood. A fella sat on a stool playing the guitar and singing "The Men Behind the Wire," an ode to the "boys" held in H Block.

It was the time of "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Naive lot that we were, we had wandered into an IRA bar where they raised money for arms. Fortunately we had spent several hours prior to this stop consuming adult beverages in other establishments.

After the crooner completed this tune and several more, and we were fortified with yet another pitcher of beer, this time Guiness, we thought we would offer our own tuneful contribution to the festivities.

My room mate and I rose to our feet and belted out the chorus to "Rule Britainia."

There was a stunned silence.

I gathered up my wife and the three of us beat a hasty retreat to the street and made our escape.

How on earth did I live to see 60?

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn

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Anonymous said...

why not lead a movement for the us to join the british commonwealth along with ireland - the two hold out ex colonies? accept their royal family as the permanent heads of a "common wealth" you steal my wealth and it becomes common wealth

Yours uncommon,

Uncommon irritant

St Wendeler said...

Happy 60th, John!! That certainly wasn't a wise move on your part... it is a good thing that you didn't hang around and ask each patron what they thought about your rendition...

I personally know several guys from northern ireland and they loved the British bennies they received, but disliked being "second class" in the UK. Of course, the latter was just a self-imposed mantle of victimhood...

While they may have put on an anti-brit front, their best buddies were English and they went to the English Universities (tuition free), etc, etc.

George said...

How on Earth did you get out of that bar without being kneecapped?

Desert Rat said...

I, the Desert Rat, was the roommate in question in this yarn. Yes, it is true, the joint was a pub called "Danny Boy's." This bar was straight out of "Patriot Games" where Ryan met with the IRA fundraiser. As to how we escaped, I can only quote the old homily about God looking after fools and drunks. We were both that night.