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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Long Live Che!

Mike Adams has a great column on the ignorance of many in academia (professors and students alike) regarding Che Guevera's life. Here's a snippet, but read the whole thing:

Another room would feature a picture of Che wearing his Rolex watch. It will be dedicated to all of my communist colleagues who talk like revolutionaries, live like hypocrites, and fail to teach their students about inconvenient truths.

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ARC: St Wendeler

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Anonymous said...

anonymous writes:

will write in detail about seemingly unrelated events and securing THE DURAND LINE in detail tomorrow..anonmyous has typed in some stuff for the "reincarnated Patton testimony"..REINCARNATION has place even in Judaism and is not purely a deeply entrenched Eastern belief.

Until tomorrow,
Anonymous remains will take the name of Durand Durand tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Durand Durand writes:

All of this is postopia and is fully backed up by sources. Since, this is a blog and not an academic forum, sources are deliberately omitted.

The CIA – does it really follow the real enemies or it just follows shadows? It has taken the blame for the WMD fiasco in Iraq. Does it have any clue where Osama the terrorist is hiding, on which side of the Durand Line or if he is even alive? If not Osama, how about his notorious number two the Egyptian physician or even the reclusive Mullah Omar? Mullah Omar is supposed to have escaped in Kandahar in a cycle rickshaw. He is supposed to have the mental faculties of a child; however, he has a known appetite for violence.

How many of us in the US know about the Durand Line? Do your own homework. In a nutshell, it was a compromise line drawn to finalize the Western frontiers of India during the British Raj splitting the traditional Afghan nation into two. Peshawar and Waziristan joined India; Kabul and Kandahar remained with Afghanistan. A compromise between the group that wanted the frontier to end with the mighty Indus river which gives the country its name and those that want the frontier to include Kabul, a part and parcel of the country millennia ago.

The stretch from Peshawar to Kabul to Kandahar has at least a four thousand year history. Barring a 1000 year period or so when it was the foremost center of Buddhist learning on the planet, this area has always been known for war. The rest of the sub continent views this area and its people for two things, foremost treachery and then valiance. In the ancient epic MahaBharat (literally Great India), the vile and treacherous villain Shakuni is the King of Afghanistan. Ugly stereotyping notwithstanding, the people are also known for their courage, determination, pride, chivalry and intelligence. After all, for a thousand years, it was a place of peace, penance and learning.

Fast forward to the British Raj. The hyperpower of the day, Britain found it impossible to administer Waziristan giving it rare autonomy on their side of the Durand Line; wisely, the Durand Line excluded Kabul, which for the Brits would mean endless trouble. Fast forward again. The Soviets blundered in invading Kabul as a first step in reach for “the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.” The ultimate goal was to invade Pakistan as well. How would you get to the warm waters by invading a landlocked country?

Enter the CIA that armed the predecessors of Taliban including Osama, yes Osama. They were not called terrorists then but the “Mujahideen” the “warriors of God” that were fighting to drive out the Godless Communists. As the Soviet Union splintered, Afghanistan was abandoned by the CIA more or less leaving it to become a stateless state. The Mujahideen became the Taliban.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Bamiyan Buddhas that provided comfort to East Asian Buddhist monks along the Silk route millennia ago destroyed by Taliban thugs six months before 9/11. The priceless Kabul museum housing rare Kanishkan treasures vandalized by the Taliban terrorists. (The Japanese are helping in the restoration of the Bamiyan Buddhas). After 9/11, the Taliban were rightly labeled as the “terrorists” that they are and not “God’s warriors”.

I guess we know the rest. Do we? Why does Karzai trust “white guards” and not his own men? Is it because he knows about his country only too well? And, now there is talk of “direct action” from US with or without Pakistani participation. What does it mean? Bombing the mountains of Waziristan? Sending out ground troops in the treacherous mountains? Whatever it means, it will need TONNES of people; high technology alone or “precise intelligence” will not be sufficient. Does the CIA have a gameplan? The presidential candidates are only very vague as to how their “direct action” scenarios will be.

And now the South Korean evangelicals converted and inspired by American evangelical radicals. Who in their right minds will go to the Taliban territory in the middle of the forbidden Kabul Kandahar highway for “charitable work”? Only someone even more fanatical, lunatic and mindless than the Taliban and those that are desecrating the Korean Mahayana Buddhas would. Afghanistan is a country that protects free speech and freedom of religion, alright  I feel sorry for the captives but couldn’t they have behaved rationally? The Kabul Kandahar highway is not exactly a four hour ride between two American Midwestern cities; is it? As “God’s warriors” of all hue fight it out, the sane and saner among us will have to watch all this. Oh God help us all !!

It will be some momentous years for Pakistan sandwiched between the Durand Line and the Radcliffe or the Harry Potter Line (the line drawn up to separate Midnight’s children modern Pakistan and India). A country that has somehow survived years of CIA alchemy will have to look forward to more. Hopefully, things are not botched up badly this time. The Pakistani Madrassas all proliferated during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the CIA’s support for the “religious students” and would be “God’s warriors”. The ramifications this time post 3/11 or so (Bamiyan Buddha destruction) and 9/11 are worldwide and very close to America than it may seem.

Peace Peace Peace,
Durand Durand